Dan Duff, WU


Staff member
Return-Path: <cathmcguirk@eircom.net>
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2020
From: Western Union Office <cathmcguirk@eircom.net>
Reply-To: Western Union Office <law_20192019@outlook.com>
Subject: UNCLAIMED FUNDS 20/20

Pennsylvania Zonal Unit Headquarters Washington city,united states Address,
915 6th St N,
Washington, WA 20545, USA

Greetings to you user of Western union Money Gram and Apple Gift Cards we write you from this Washington zonal Department In Response of the Mail Message We Received From You Concerning the on going Transaction OF western union Bonus payout to you which was supposed to begin Yesterday now note that this

Transaction is also To Compensate all western union and Money Gram User for all the money lost to Scammers using this money Transfers department and we have decided to Compensate you and your Family with the Total sum Of one Hundred Thousand

United states Dollars and as you were Rightly Informed in our first Email Message you are to be Receiving this payment on daily basis which simply means that you will be Receiving $5000 Twice

Daily Until you have picked up the Total sum which was paid to your name and you are start This Daily pick Up Today so you are been Required to provide you full details Together with the Required 50$ payment so we can Complete all the Activation and give you Information on how to pick up your First 2payment Today We await Immediate Response from ASAp

Director Washington Unit Head Quarters