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Yee-haw. I won a lottery to get a visa to live in the US. Course, I'm already an American citizen but dang this is my lucky day.

From USAFIS Organization
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Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011
From: USAFIS Organization <visausa1@peoplepc.com>
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Subject: USAFIS -Visa Winner(Live & work In Usa)

Dear winner,

Congratulations ! You are among those randomly selected and registered for further consideration in the diversity immigrant program. Selection guarantees that you will receive a United States Permanent Resident Card(also known as Green Card or Diversity Visa) you & your member of your family can now live, school OR work in the United State. For further details reply asap.

Dan Gold
USAFIS Organization

Jeannine braik

Hi, Dan. How are you ? Fine? I hope it's so. An ancient VIP. Is Jessica worked in your association? She told me she went with her husband in Canada . Is she ? Souvenirs