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This guy lives in Japan, probably in the Tokyo area. It is thought that he has lived in japan since about 2000 or so. He has numerous identities that he uses. He is generally known as Daniel Brenar, but has also used the name Mike Cruze. His real name is Daniel Berner.

His main scam formats seem to be the a) the apartment scam, where he asks for a lot of money from someone up front to help share with apartment rent and then charges too much and won't give a refund: b) advance fees for a series of English lessons from Japanese ladies, which he doesn't give or provides really poor quality lessons; and c) romance scams. He has been know to hit up Japanese women for loans which he never repays.

He generally claims to be a Canadian or American in Japan. He claims to have run an English school in the Tokyo area. He sometimes seem to operate out of Kobe, but usually it seems to be Tokyo.

He shows up in some websites (especially Jaso) but also here, in English:

This is a Japanese blogstie:

He has been known to use the following email addresses:

And, he uses or has used these cell phone numbers in Japan:

The Doctor

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Daniel Berner is infamous in Japan!
Check out his resume, very little of which is probably true:

Please call me at: 090-65869843 nihongogahanasemasu

Yours Faithfully,
Daniel Bernar

Work experience
1999-2005 DS Language Institute Tokyo, Japan
Position: English Teacher
Private, groups lessons, classes, lecturing.
Company classes: I have taught logic, business and before-going-to-work-abroad courses, using special material or textbooks like "Business Objectives 1,2 and 3","Market Leader", "Quick Work", "Commercially Speaking",Nikkei Economic newspaper in English.
High school: taught with assistant teacher and alone using prepared material and "Expressways 1 and 2"
Kids, teenagers and at kindergardens: taught using different types of flash cards, singing many songs, coloring, paper craft, playing English learning games and just for children`s fun, using "Lets Go books 1,2,3,4,5 and 6", "Primary colors book 1 and 2", picture dictionaries.
Adults: taught using my own book-“500 Interesting Trivia And Thought Provoking Facts From All Around The World”, newspapers, every kind of topic for everyday conversation and textbooks: "Interchange books 1,2,3", "Move Up books 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7", "True To Life books 1,2 and 3", "Impact Values", "OnLine", "Streamline English books 1,2 and 2", "New American Streamline books 1,2"
Special courses: I have taught TOEIC, TOEFL and EIKEN using The Official ETS Study Guide (McGraw-Hill's), Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL test,TOEIC Official Test-Preparation Guide by Arbogast, Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL,Eiken Volume 1,2,3

2004-2005 Aoyama University Tokyo, Japan
Part time Position: Assistant Professor and English Teacher
Prepared material myself, taught large classes and assisted professor.

1998-1999 Canadian International College(CIC) Vancouver, CANADA
Position: English Teacher

1998-1999 Yoshimoto Trade, Inc. Vancouver, CANADA
Part time Position: Sales marketing team/Planning

1997-1998 Tennoji Language School Osaka, Japan
Position: English Teacher

Personal Qualities
I love teaching adults, kids and always do my best! I always come on time and keep appointments perfectly.I can speak Japanese and understand manners in Japan very well. I have grown up in family of teachers, my mother, father, grandmother, ouncle and aunts are one of the best teachers at their schools. I have been in 28 countries (for travelling, university education, doing business, learning cultures...), so there are many topics to speak about during free conversation with students and I can speak 7 languages (6 European languages and Japanese), so know the fastest way for students to learn English. For Canadians most important is doing good things, inviroment, moral and relationship. I always read news, everyday and business news, know well internet and computer, MS Office (in English or Japanese), HTML, Claris Works, Illustrator, computer languages Pascal, Basic... My hobbies are movies, music, traveling, trying foods, stock market, news, trading stocks, sports, hot springs; I like to know everything one of my book’s title is “500 interesting trivia from all around the world”.I like to think and act in the best way,live healthy lifestyle, eating all healthy foods,teas,exercising, do not smoke/drink,ect.I like students to enjoy and improve English fast. I like to have good relationship with my boss, managers and understand how difficult is their jobs and running business.

University jobs
1994-1996 University of Toronto Computer Store Toronto, CANADA
Position: Customer service/technical support.

1992-1994 Regency Suits Toronto, CANADA
Position: Receptionist/front desk.
Had opportunity to speak with people from different countries.Learned about hospitality.

1995-1997 University of Mcgill Montreal, CANADA
MA, Master of Arts. Linguistics and English Language Teaching
By the University program I was able to study at Universities of Sydney, New-York, Munich, London and participated at International exchanges.

1994-1995 University of London London, UNITED KINGDOM
Course in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Foreign Trade & International Business Operations

1992-1995 University of Toronto Toronto, CANADA
BA, Bachelor of Arts. Modern languages .
By the University program I was able to study at Universities of Sydney, New-York, Munich, London and participated at International exchanges.

Some Daniel Berner mails

It looks like some of Daniel's email accounts may be having problems receiving messages. Maybe they have been closed. A friend has reported these to us.


Spanish Admin

THE Spanish Administrator
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This Daniel Berner guy is bad news. Here's how he advertises for victims.

Eikaiwa!30%off!Also by phone&email lessons!

Subject: Eikaiwa!30%off!Also by phone&email lessons!
From: Daniel School <DanielSchool@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 16:55:30 +0900
Organization: Daniel School
Sender: Daniel School <DanielSchool@xxxxxxxxx>

*Nihongo & Eigo de!************************************************************
I send this email to you only once. *Anatani e-mail ikkai dake okurimasu.
If you mention to me or print out this e-mail, you will have 30%discount!
*Kono e-mail wo moratta to oshiette kureruka matawa printoauto shitte, 30%OFF desu!
Please let know about my lessons to your friends! *Anatano tomodachini oshiette kudasai!

* Konnichiwa,

How are you!? I saw your email address on homepage!

I am looking for students.You can also brush up your English!
* Watashiwa seito sagashiteimasu.

I will be glad to teach you!!
* Anata wo oshieru kikai areba ureshi desu!

Please check my Year 2000 No. 1 Shibuya Eikaiwa homepage:
(click on the address or type it correctly)
* Watashino Year 2000 No. 1 Shibuya Eikaiwa houmupejio mite
*Nihongo to Eigode desu!

You can also see my photo gallery at the homepage!
* Fotogalery mo arimasu!

I give private(1 person) or group English lessons at office in my apartment located in quiet area 4 min. on foot from Shibuya st.,South exit.

* Shibuya eki,Minami guchi kara aruite 4pun kireide shizukana
* home-ofisu de eigo oshiemasu. Praivetode matawa grupu.

I also teach over phone and via e-mail!
* Denwa to emairu demo oshiemasu!

I have 4 years teaching experience in Japan and abroad; now using best ways of teaching and material! I have been and lived in 25 countries, where I have learned 7languages. So you will improve your English abilities quickly!During lesson we also discuss news, experiences, opinions.

*Watashiwa 25 tazunette 7 kakokugo benkyo
*shimashita-resunde eigoryoku hayaku jotatsu shimasu!
*Lesson dewa news, keiken, iken nadoni tsuitemo hanashi aimasu.

If you mention to me or print out this e-mail, you will have 30%discount!
*Kono e-mail wo moratta to oshiette kureruka matawa printoauto shitte, 30%OFF desu!

Prices: 4000yen an hour for private lessons, 2700yen an hour for 2-3 people group lessons.

I teach English by using the best new textbooks or copies and speaking on different topics, depending on your hobbies& interests. By teaching to understand movies, news in English(CNN,BBC...),using print-outs of interesting internet homepages, and playing English learning games. Lessons are divided into reading, vocabulary, listening and speaking parts.NEW, lessons using pictures of famouse sightseeing places, countries, hobbies... in computer and speaking about it! I use aromatherapy,chocolate and bird songs for relaxation and speaking well.

Lessons on weekends and evenings OK!
*Yugatta to kyujitsu mo lesson OK desu!

We can meet at easy to find place in Shibuya South-West exit. And I will show you the way to my office, that is 4 minutes from there! *Shibuya eki,Minami guchi de attara, office made aruite 4 pun annai shimasu!

You can make appointment over e-mail or phone!
*E-mail to denwade yoyaku dekimasu.

Looking forward teaching and speaking with you!

Sincerely yours,
Daniel Brenar
E-mail: DanielSchool@xxxxxxxxx
Homepage: http://DanielSchool.cjb.net

De Master Yoda

Thanks for the warning on Daniel Brenar

Hi, this crook should be deported!
One of the worst things is that his English is so bad!!
For him to say he can teach English is very bad indeed.
The thought that he is scamming students, who just want to learn English, fills me with anger !!
Thank you for the warning. "De Master yoda":mad:

The Doctor

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Daniel Brenar, Daniel Berner

International Man of Mystery? Well, a bit. Anyway, you've probably been asking, what does he look like? This is him from one of his scamming websites.



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"Daniel Brenar" (Berner) is not Canadian. People who have talked to him on the phone or met him face to face, foreigners and Japanese, say he has more of a Russian or Eastern European accent, not a basic Canadian accent, or even an "English" accent. For a guy who claims to have studied a lot overseas, Daniel Brenar has held on to his native accent. In short, Daniel Brenar is someone you just don't want to deal with.

ISP: Japan [City: Tokyo]

It's him.



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I'm also a victim of his spamming!

I also receive his spam almost every day.
Anyway, this guy is pathetic. Here I paste some of his posts in penpal sites (e.g. www.whynotjapan.com), just for fun. :D

Im David, English male from London, United Kingdom!
Im looking for friends and more in Tokyo, I will also go to Kansai and around Japan!
I was born and grew up in London!
Now I do not have any friends in Japan!
I also want someone to teach me Japanese, I will teach you English by email or lets meet in a cafe!
My hobbies are soccer, traveling, movies!
I have violet eyes and blond hair,hadsome similar to Beckham!
Lets have a beer or dinner together!
Nihongo sukoshi hanasemasu!
Email: david_reckham@hotmail.com


Hi, My name is Mickey.
I am looking for penpals, friends to meet for coffee and marriage with right girl!
Epalling is my favorite hobby, and I always reply to emails and I am a loyal and regular correspondent.
Writing to me will improve your mastery of English (I promise).
I`m an English guy, look like actor Hugh Grant,blue eyes, broun hair!
I like and need epals, meeting people!
Female only please, and of any age, culture or thinking.
I want to make make friends and meet for drink, dinner, going somewhere!
Writing to me will improve your mastery of English (I promise).
So girls and ladies - write to me please!
We can talk about anything you want.
And I send you plenty of photos.


I am David!
I am from San-Franscisco!
Have you been to San-Franscisco?
We have many famouse seights,Golden Gate,cable car,Alcatrass, bridge,its the best city to live in USA!
I am Engish teacher!
In my free time I enjoy movies,music,trips,everything...
I like watching movies!I like to go to movie theater or rent DVDs.
Im the only child,I think Im gentle,kind, respect woman and nice person.
Email kudasai,ishyoni ocha shimashyo!?Watashiwa Nihongo ga Hanasemasu


- Terribly poor English, despite his claims of being a native speaker (and teacher) of English
- Excessive (and annoying) use of exclamation points
- Often doesn't leave a space after a comma
- Some Japanese phrases at the end
- In his first message he never states his age (if you reply and tell him your age, he'll tell you he's an year or two older than you)
- Insists on talking on the phone and meeting
- In his spam, he often includes a heart-shaped text like this:
   ** **
  **** ****


Staff member
Now he has these account:

And a slide show pictures (207 photos): げー

And this one: springsakuraj@hotmail.com
He says
How are you?
Today is such a nice day,lets meet!?
Do you remember you emailed me about penpal?
I was in my hometown and now in Japan, Tokyo,live in Ikebukuro!
I am glad and excited now!
Lets meet, become friends, have tea together!?
Come to Ikebukuro station and call me: 090-6054-9457 (Japan number)
Early time is best, I will wait for you from 9am to 10pm,in Ikebukuro many cafes, restaurants, movie theater, Sunshine city shopping center, park, museum!
If you dont speak English well no problem, I went to school to learn Japanese, NIHONGOGA SUKOSHI HANASEMASU or I speak English slowly and can teach you English!
I and have my own language school and restaurant in my hometown and
want to open my language school and restaurant in Tokyo too!
More about me:
Im single white male, I have light broun hair and blue eyes, good-looking, sincere,kind,good-hearted,interesting,caring,intelligent,warm,fun to talk to, nice to people!
I love Japan,Japanese food people and will live in Japan forever!
In my free time I like to listen to music, watch a movie, eat out, travel, visit museum, meet friends in cafe or bar...
I exersize in sports club to be in nice shape.
I have been to many countries around Europe,North America, Australia.
When I traveled around the world I met many Japanese and they were my best friends!
I am very excited to go to Tokyo!
It will be my 1st time in Japan!
Now I know only you, you are my only friend in Japan!
Sincerely yours,
See you!
Call me when you arrive in Ikebukuro!
Put my emails in your safe list so emails arrive:

See my photo galleries from computer:

My Introduction
(Read one by one)
* Single White male, light blue beautiful sea color eyes, light short Braun hair
* Body type: Regular build, some muscles, like to do sports, going to GYM
* Education: Attended Universities of New-York, Toronto, London, Sydney, Paris, Munich by special program, sometimes took 2 majors at the same time. IÂ￾fm fast learner.
* I have been to 28 countries (North America, Europe, and Asia) and can speak 7 (European and Asian) languages.
* My hobbies are movies, music, dining out, cafes, karaoke, traveling, reading books, sports, exploring city...
* I wrote 3 books!
* I like healthy food! Fruits, salads, ectÂ￾cMy favorite food is Kaiseki-Â￾gEyes can eatÂ￾h, I also like sushi-because itÂ￾fs fast, healthy and I can try all kind of seafood. But I like eating every kind of food, I canÂ￾ft eat only sea urchin.
* Recently I enjoy traveling to tropical places, beautiful with nice weather; I visited Hawaii, Guam. I want to go to Hawaii again and visit Europe to see museums, architecture, also Australia Gold coast.
* 11 to 16 years old attended music collage studying saxophone, clarinet, a bit piano. I played on TV when I was teenager, solo in front of orchestra.
* I can cook, make nice pasta, sandwiches, egg and ham breakfast.
* I teach English part time, like teaching, all my family is teaches, my mother, father, grandmother, uncle, aunts.
* I'm good at taking photos, I have thousands of photos, I can see a nice angle from which to take photo to show the beauty.
* When I was teenager I played volleyball for 2.5 years, our team few times won city competitions, wrestling for 3 years-I won 3d place at my city, tennis 6 month, cycling 6 month, judo 6 month, rugby...
* I like places with nice view like coffee shops on lake shore, on top of tower...nice place to relax see nature.
* I began living separate from my parents since age 17, also began part time work, had my own business since 18 year old, could support myself and also helped my parents to buy house.
* IÂ￾fm the only child
* I had every kind of pet, fish until age of 17, but now its hard to take care of a pet for me, I wanted to become animal doctor or forester. When I was teenager everybody in my neighborhood new that I'm take care of animals and they always brought injured animals or animals without parents and I took care of them and released them after.
* I like reading in bookstores, libraries, coffee shops with books, magazinesÂ￾c
*I like nature, parks, picnics, hot springs
*I like new movies, my favorite romantic movies classics are: Message in the bottle, French Kiss, Titanic, YouÂ￾fve got mail, Body Guard. I also like comedies, actions, and suspense.
*I like recent music, my favorite romantic classic songs: I like many new songs, from old songs I like Celine Dion, Maria Carey, Whitney Huston, Boyz2 Men, Brian Adams, Sting, Bon Jovy, Stivy wonder.
* I know computer, internet very well. I like to see new gadgets very much! I'm optimist and think future will be bright we just need to study, find our way... If I get in my hands new gadget or something I can already guess how use it even menu is not in English!
* I exercise everyday, like to learn new things, reading newspapers, watching news, study, experience something new things, improve myself, explore city, go watch movies, restaurants, and coffee/tea shops!
*I have many important friends who work on TV, inventors, company presidents...
*Before I was working about 15-16 hours a day, making money and enjoying my career, after I thought for some time about purpose of life and thought its not money-its just number in bank and not career-just giving your time to other people or boss, it is family, child, growing child making him or her happy!
* I always do my best and do, think the best way about health, body, work, family, everything.
I like eating healthy foods, like fish, salads, fruits, herb teas, everything that is good for body and health.
* From good family, my parents, grandparents taught me only good things and to never do bad things, health, honesty, hard work and doing everything for family are most important.
*I invest in stocks and never lost! Even from my 1st stock market trade I made only 900 dollar, so didn't lose. I day traded for 3 month, but after decided that long term 5 years investments in stable companies are best
* I do stock market, finance in my free time as investment for future, I like to know about everything, what's happening in city, world, popular things, talking to people...
* I am Non smoker and social drinker. I do not mind if other people smoke or drink!
* Sometimes I like to take slow food and eat slowly for 1-3 hours like in France talking about many nice topics and enjoying food.
* I always do everything best way, exactly, on time, clean, wear best brand suit, tie...
* I think most important is safety in life and next to meet nice girl, make family, take care and grow child, make them live happy. I saved a lot of money in case of marriage, children...
* I saved 100.000 dollar for you, future marriage, child.
* My parents, grandparents, all relatives never divorced and live happily together.
* My mother is 8 years older than my father and they live like perfect couple, so I think age is not important in relationship.
*I think most important for me is Love I hope for you too.
* I think woman, happy family is most important so I will do everything to make woman happy, its kind of manÂ￾fs duty!


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It's new now. mailtodokenai@gmmail.com, from "090-60549457 nihongo or english". And this is new:



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It's another new one: [cometoike@gmsmail.com]. From 090-60549457 nihongo or english.
Lets meet today at Ikebukuro! Now I am in Ikebukuro! Call me when you arrive at East exit-Higashi guchi- 090-60549457


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It's new: [nankaimoemailshimasu@skymail.com] "kokusai friend"
Same keitai: Call me on your free day or evening: 090-6054 9457.
But's not working email now.


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From "call09060549457" <call09060549457@gmsail.com>
I always thought our kind of relationship only existed in our dreams....
Now I have found out our kind of relationship is even better than our dreams and the love that I have discovered is all for you....



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This is new: [japenrgl@brlueskmail.com],, Yahoo BB, softbank.
hi im in shinjuku now
can you come to shinjuku this evening?
call me if you can: 090-60549457
im near isetan shoping,its nice, my favourite is food floor, here are many kinds of foods and sweets, yammy!!!
call me
hope so see you later today at shinjuku


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New: <gentleguy115@hotmail.com> Received: from [] (softbank219206046032.bbtec.net [])

please call me: 090-60549457


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:rolleyes: Another one <matt_harrison123@hotmail.com>

My name is Matt Harrison!
Im American male living in Shinjuku!
See my photo from computer:
I work in Ropponghi Hills, finance manager in Goldman Sachs.
In my free time I enjoy dining out, trips to warm places, golf,driving.
I have hazel eyes, broun hair.
I am working now in Japan!
I will for few years and maybe stay here or go back to New-York.
Email me, lets meet in Shinjuku for dinner or chat by email!
I am looking for female of any age,young or old
I have 10 days holiday and can meet you any day!


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Daniel Brenar other addresses



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Kansai Scene online

Perhaps the most disgusting aspect of the Daniel Brenar episodes is the behavior at the Kansai Scene "Friendship" classifieds. The webmaster there has been inundated by complaints and bizarre protest postings on their board.
This creep advertises there nearly daily using derivative names and theme ads.
The Kansai Scene message board is in a general uproar, and many long term participants have left.
Despite all of the problems, the webmster at KS never removes any of Brenar's ads.
Many people theorize some form of conspiracy, despite lack of details or proof. The one undeniable fact is that an anti-Brenar ad is always removed.
In one recent uproar, Brenar wrote some ads that he was a Canadian doctor with his own practice. People actually threated the webmaster online, but nevertheless, Brenar's despicable ads remained.
Unless Brenar is using originating IP software removal and replacement software, that KS webmaster, or his agents, could trace Brenar's pattern(s) of sending sources; and possibly even the serial number of the computer with a BIOS/chip/system request as a hidden command.
Somehow he got hold of our office email address in Osaka. It's a manufacturing company; yet we received hundreds of 'LOVE' letters. We complained to Kansai Scene. And you how much good that accomplished....


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Daniel Brenar real name

Daniel Brenar's real name:

I believe I found his true name. Go to his personal pitch slide show of pictures at: http://entertainment.webshots.com/sl...58454922idZxkz

Next, look at the old scanned black & white pictures from his childhood. Someone wrote his name and age/date on three slides in old-style white ink.

However, someone needs to read Russian or Chec language.

The slides are: 11/206, 19/206 and most importantly 24/206