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Re Daniel

Hi John, welcome and thank you for your posts, I also cannot open this link, maybe we have to be members of webshots??

Would it be possible to copy and send them via say photobucket?
I Would like some of the other members to come online before you post them in the public forum, so we may use the pm system!

We have some very good members working on this and I would like to co-ordinate things to assist them. you can contact any admin or moderator for assistance at any time, thank you.


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Daniel Brenar photogallery

RE: Danial Brenar photogallery/ID:

Folks, truly sorry about address corruption(???) - again:

I tried to type into this message board, but the address gets corrupted by a series of dots.


As mentioned before, the early black & white photos have hand written notations. It's his name!!!

Perhaps more importantly, after reviewing the picture series, there is an initial conclusion:

He came from a poor family in eastern Europe (perhaps even Latvia).

In 1974, both the US & Canada had an open-door immigation policy for Latvians.

He may have settled in with his mother in Banff, Canada - his father then dead, and his mother working as a chambermaid in one of the many National Park resort hotels.

He never got a formal education, but re-invented himself with false degrees and so on.

What is so perplexing, and which seems to fit the 'fraud model', is his life style, as chronicled in his personal gallery. It's genuine. There are too many pictures taken in Shangai, China. There are too many online references on the Shanghai net-boards for housemates.

He has pictures of himself, all within the last 4 years, according to imbedded date stamps/camera codes, from many countries. Yet his so-called job is an English teacher is inconsistent???

Moreover, his computer skills are B+ ~ A-. We think he runs multiple scams, with Russian associates. Perhaps taking a page or two from the Nigerian playbook. After all, a mere teacher cannot afford this double life and ad blitzes, which are custom crafted - with untraceable IP addresses.

By-the-way, I know a lovely lady, who fell under his charm...and she has a serious case of Hepititus-C, which she swears came from him.

If there is justice in this world, let's do it. I'm going to!!!!!


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I got a new one

Been several months since I got anything from him... looks the same as always though...


"hi its hot now how are you? how is your feeling,health,family,work,study? i teach english everyday!! im fine i hope you are too! its summer, hot,do you like sea,ice cream,other things like that? what place do you recommend me to go? DOKO NI IKEBA OMOSHIROI? CALL ME AND LETS MEET: 090-60549457 BEFORE I WROTE YOU THAT: I will live in Japan for few years and want to open my language school and restaurant in Tokyo! I like music, watching movies, eating out,cooking,sports, traveling,learning Japanese! I am single white male,light broun hair, blue eyes, good-looking, gentleman, honest, serious and sincere!I exersise in sport club and in good shape! I have my own language schools and restaurants in my hometown, they belong to me and my family,now my parents take care of them! Looking forward your call and meeting you! Sincerely yours Bye"

Spanish Admin

THE Spanish Administrator
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I'm going to really have to get out my glasses and read the fine print. Those kid pictures are dated 1974. I can't read the city very well. Bad handwriting. In the meantime, here's our guy:


From Kansai scene:

HI! I AM SINGLE AMERICAN BUSINE Hi!I am single American business man.See my photo:http://thumb4.webshots.net/t/16/17/9/53/3/2974953030100951364CTHPCJ_th.jpg I want to improve Japanese, make friends and girlfriend!I have travelled to about 30 countries and now in Japan!I like Japanese food, kaiseki, shushi, its healthy EMAIL: <myfascination@hotmail.com>

The link will take you to the same picture that Marie (まりえ) posted above (post # 16).

Actually it looks like Kansai Scene has been seeded the way that other scammers seed dating sites.


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Kansai Scene Webmaster & Brenar

What is going on at Kansai Scene message board?
Brenar posted two ads in two days. Someone placed a warning message with reference to this site. Then people started to post many of their own short horror stories; with reference to "nicefriendship11" and "alexveyer" fraud names.
Almost immediately, the webmaster pulled those, but left Brenar's stupid begging ads.
Can anyone explain what's going on?
I used to enjoy the lighthearted and silly ads there; but now it has all turned black and ugly.
Do KS webmaster and Brenar collude?
I remember a month back, Brenar tried to pretend he was an airline pilot flying international out of Kansai airport. The Kansai Scene board erupted into a furry of jokes and protests - and still Brenar's ad exists, and all other have been taken down?
Thanks, Dave


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Daniel Brenar Internet pathway

Daniel Brenar's Internet pathway:


Can anyone get a handle on this?

His IP is:
Traceroute Results

Please note that the accuracy of the Geo-Location information may be inaccurate. For US based IP addresses 85% of the results shoud be within 25 miles. To see how inaccurate view the poll results. Please take a moment to respond to the poll with how close the map is for you.
Lookup IP Address:
Country Japan
State/Region 40
City Tokyo
Postal Code
Latitude 35.685
Longitude 139.7514
Area Code


Tracing route to
Hop Time Host IP Location
1 10.447 wsip-70-183-59-1.oc.oc.cox.net Irvine, CA, United States
2 11.592 rsmtdsrc02-gew03020996.rd.oc.cox.net Aliso Viejo, CA, United States
3 11.625 ip68-4-14-109.oc.oc.cox.net Irvine, CA, United States
4 10.187 rsmtdsrj02-ge600.0.rd.oc.cox.net Irvine, CA, United States
5 12.481 langbbr01-as0.r2.la.cox.net Fort Walton Beach, FL, United States
6 12.05 dcr1-so-4-2-0.losangeles.savvis.net Cary, NC, United States
7 13.085 ber1-tenge-2-1.losangeles.savvis.net Elmhurst, NY, United States
8 12.438 paetec-communications.losangeles.savvis.net Cary, NC, United States
9 129.151 Kawasaki, 19, Japan
10 128.861 Sagamihara, 19, Japan
11 140.195 Tokyo, 40, Japan
12 144.02 , , Japan
21 N/A cg248.opt2.point.ne.jp Tokyo, , Japan

End Traceroute
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Brenar's IP provider

Brenar's IP Provider:

It races back to a company known as Dream Train

IP Address : [ cg248.opt2.point.ne.jp ]
Organization : DREAM TRAIN INTERNET,Inc.
Location : JP, Japan
City : Tokyo, 40 -
Latitude : 35°68'50" North
Longitude : 139°75'14" East

% [whois.apnic.net node-1]
% Whois data copyright terms http://www.apnic.net/db/dbcopyright.html

inetnum: -
netname: JPNIC-NET-JP
descr: Japan Network Information Center
country: JP
admin-c: JNIC1-AP
tech-c: JNIC1-AP
remarks: JPNIC Allocation Block
remarks: Authoritative information regarding assignments and
remarks: allocations made from within this block can also be
remarks: queried at whois.nic.ad.jp. To obtain an English
remarks: output query whois -h whois.nic.ad.jp x.x.x.x/e
mnt-lower: MAINT-JPNIC
changed: hm-changed@apnic.net 19991122
changed: hm-changed@apnic.net 20050617
source: APNIC

role: Japan Network Information Center
address: Kokusai-Kougyou-Kanda Bldg 6F, 2-3-4 Uchi-Kanda
address: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0047, Japan
country: JP
phone: +81-3-5297-2311
fax-no: +81-3-5297-2312
e-mail: hostmaster@nic.ad.jp
admin-c: JI13-AP
tech-c: JE53-AP
nic-hdl: JNIC1-AP
changed: hm-changed@apnic.net 20041222
changed: hm-changed@apnic.net 20050324
changed: ip-apnic@nic.ad.jp 20051027
source: APNIC

inetnum: -
country: JP
admin-c: MH4804JP
tech-c: MH4804JP
remarks: This information has been partially mirrored by APNIC from
remarks: JPNIC. To obtain more specific information, please use the
remarks: JPNIC WHOIS Gateway at
remarks: http://www.nic.ad.jp/en/db/whois/en-gateway.html or
remarks: whois.nic.ad.jp for WHOIS client. (The WHOIS client
remarks: defaults to Japanese output, use the /e switch for English
remarks: output)
changed: apnic-ftp@nic.ad.jp 20040722
changed: apnic-ftp@nic.ad.jp 20060831
source: JPNIC


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Bernar's Photo

The above link has been floating around the net for years. Its from a model agency site. He uses it mainly for his Goldman Sacks broker from Wall Street conjob. In the 1% chance it's him, it looks to at least 10 years old. We found a much larger version on the net, and had it reviewed. The origional copywriter owners names was erased and new background painted in. The analyst profferred the cheek bones are differenent than compared to the more recently located personal history album.

Moreover, the neck is encompassed with a lot of white outer fat migrating up to the eyes, which is consistent with high alcohol and/or high carbo. The dark eyes are consistent with lack of sleep/Prozac or Lithium/and/or combined with alcohol. The scores on his lips may be herpes simplex.
His arms are soft tissue with no muscle profile noted, which in an indication of long desk & computer hours.

Nevertheless, the volicity of his ad campaign increases again. Probably low on funds. Tomorrow, we are going to attempt to meet (or schedule) with Dream Train Management. This little fish is not going to escape.

Dream Train Internet must keeps accounts of such a regular.

Still trying to understand why the Kansai Scene webmaster ALWAYS protects this creep? There has to be involvement.

De Master Yoda

Hello Daniel

Hello daniel, As you now have the chance to see this site, I think it only fair that we let you know what we think of you! (By the way I will contact the webmasters on the other sites that you have joined as well)

I Think that you are very stupid!
Any one who takes advantage of the kindness and generosity of the Japanese ladies who fall for your lies, has got to be lower than a cockroach!
I have been lucky enough to have visited japan and was made very welcome, and was shown only courtesy and friendship! and to any one who abuses this trust and generosity I can only say that you are a disgrace to the human race!

It is NOT a sign of intelligence, to be able to cheat innocent and trusting nice people it is the act of a coward! and a parasite on society!

I do not consider you to be a man at all. A mans role is to help and protect ladies NOT to take advantage of their kindness!:mad:

As one of our ladies say 'we do not like you' And I fully agree with what she says.
I plan to help make your life most uncomfortable from now on!

I would welcome your feedback! But I think that you are too much of a coward to
speak out in the presence of honest people! !


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After seeing his photo I saw him on the Hankyu Kobe train 2 days ago. He has blond hair now and he spoke English with a thick accent. He was with a pretty Japanese lady. Poor girl. I have tried to spread the info around and have caught him on the WhyNot Japan website. I hope some lady's father, brother, boyfriend nails this guy.


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KS, Brenar war

War on Kansai Scene tonight:

Shit, it evolved into an all out blitzkreig between the webmaster, and many, many participants who objected to Brenars late afternoon posts. Death threats were flying.
I have lived in many places; and thus read many personals sites, but this was Internet hand-to-hand combat. +/-50 posts were taken out.

The webmaster at Kansai Scene has to have a bribe relationship with Brenar.

Today, people attacked the webmaster; yet nothing phased him.

Police, lawyers, Interpole and so on.

Interestingly, many Japanese women came forward to say a few simple words about their experiences with Brenar; yet that webmaster was like a hawk, swooping down to censor....


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he is in Osaka now? I think it's Tokyo.

Return-Path: <sps948q9@pure.ocn.ne.jp>
Received: from compute2.internal (compute2.internal []) by store29m.internal (Cyrus v2.3.8-fmsvn12404) with LMTPA;
X-Mail-from: <sps948q9@pure.ocn.ne.jp>
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Received: from YOUR-C436277ADA ([]) by msa3-25.plala.or.jp with SMTP id <20070817101721.YCFT25212.msa3-25.plala.or.jp@YOUR-C436277ADA>
Reply-To: "single white male" <johnstone88@hotmail.com>
From: "single white male" <sps948q9@pure.ocn.ne.jp>

De Master Yoda

Tokyo or Osaka?

He may move around?
Maybe trying to hide as all cowards do!

I would like to invite any of his victims to contact me on this site!

We will NOT censor them and will try our best to assist them and help in any way we can!

I have been told that the victims may be a little reluctant to step forward! but I have great faith in the courage of the Japanese ladies and I will be very interested in hearing from any of them. Or any victim of this low life!

To post or contact, please register as a member, using a made up username or nickname is ok !
Please do not use your real name or details as this can be seen by others !
You can contact using English or Japanese as we have some very nice Japanese members here ! Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you!

For our Japanese friends, here is a link to the area about Daniel Brenar, in Japanese.


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Daniel Brenar found me

Daniel Brenar found me:

I am Japanese female 30's, live and work K_____________.
I own and manage small international company xxxx xxxx.
I have office in New York City and Kobe, with employees
Many months ago, I exchanged letters with this person, without knowing who he truly is.
I was stupid, I did write too many informations.
He sensed money or assets I guess.
It writes more often and becomes very assertive, always wanting me call him.
One day, he IM me and writes he is waiting at my local train station.
Train station is only 300 meters from my office.
It seems he uses the IP tracing softwares.
I was so scared.
For months a man in office walk with to train station.
Thank you very much to read my story

Mod edit<<< I have removed information that could identify you>>> DMY

De Master Yoda

Welcome yoko 歓迎

Welcome and thank you, It takes courage to admit these things and I am very grateful for your post.

Please do not feel bad, this crook is using the kindness of the Japanese people to scam them, he is the lowest type of scum on earth!
You have NOTHING to be ashamed about! He is the bad one!

If you have any information you can sent it to me by using the private message system on here (top right ) any information sent by Private message will be kept confidential.

If it is easier to write in Japanese then this is ok as One of our Japanese admins will translate for me! ありがとう

For our Japanese friends the link to the Japanese area about Daniel Brenar is here!