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Brenar - Kansai Scene theory

I put forth this theory about Brenar/Kansai Scene:

The recent explosion of tempers was exasperated today, as more than 20 protest message were posted in reply to Brenar's 4 new ads.

Over the last year Brenar has presented himself as stock broker, professor, airline pilot, dancer, prefessional athlete, international businessman (Goldman Sacks & Nomura Securities), medical doctor, engineer, fashion designer for Guchi, computer scientist and so on.

During this period of time, the KS board members always made jokes and critized Brenar's obvious fake ads.


After one-year of time the conclusion is one or other:

1.) Brenar is the Kansai Scene webmaster.

2.) KS webmaster has a financial interest in Brenar's exploits.

All I know is something smells, because Brenar's GROUND ZERO is Kansai Scene message board.

Thanks for considering


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Why did Brenar's picture get removed?

Brenar's picture is no longer available on photobucket: "cannot be found".

What's going on?

Also, another big daytime upset on Kansai Scene today - ALL DAY

Is there a bigger pictue here?


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I am going to contact the webmaster there. I have been following things there too. I have seen the anti-Daniel posts, I have seen them disappear, and I can see the Daniel posts. They are so obvious.

He is on Shanghai Ed.com personals too.

Hi! I am David! I am from San-Franscisco! Have you been to San-Franscisco? We have many famous seights,Golden Gate,cable car,Alcatrass, bridge,Silicone Valey, its the best,safest city in the USA with fine wheather! I am looking for female to meet for friendship and more! I am Engish teacher, teaching kids and adults In my free time I enjoy movies,music,trips,everything... I like watching movies! I like to go to movie theater or rent DVDs. Pirates of Caranea,Spiderman,Die hard 4,love stories too- Shriek 3! Im the only child,sincere, kind, gentleman, good-looking... Email kudasai! nicefriendship11@hotmail.com David
-- 2007-08-12

"Email kudasai", on a Chinese website. Silly. He's copied and pasted for one of his Japanese personals.

And then this one which I hope is someone trying to play a joke because if/when Miyuki sees this she is going to just explode.
Hello, I am Daniel Brenar. Professional entertainer of sorts. Please see my webpage all about me: http://www.antifraudintl.org/archive/index.php?t-661.html After you read about my fame, email me at: nicefriendship11@hotmail.com
-- 2007-08-13


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Brenar's Shanghai MO

Shanghai is a good place to go fishing.
The economy is robust, with a lot of new money in circulation.
Often, he does this scam; 'I am a manager for Gucci', or, 'I own Gucci franchise'.
It would not surprise me if his con is to draw-in women as new partners for any of his new to be opened Gucci stores - A once in a lifetime opportunity.
It seems he travels there a lot, because over the last year or so, he has issued many spam blitzes, wherein he rambles about just now returning from Tokyo Airport. In other words: 'I'm back in town'.
Contained in the latter one-third of his pictoral history slideshow are numerous pictures taken in China.
In some of these shots he has what appears to be a leather computer bag prominently displayed like a prop.
Brenar has been found on Chinese penpal/friendship sites, but not to the extent of within Japan.
With people like Brenar, the lies, and make-believe life, and ultimately the theft of money by false pretenses, becomes a disease. He is a grifter in plain English.

De Master Yoda

Re Daniel loser Brenar

@DaveB, Thank you for your input, this is helping to build up a picture about this parasite and is helping to expose him for the low life he is!

For our international friends, the word 'grifter' is well used here and means a con man or trickster! This describes Daniel very well!

De Master Yoda

Maybe something useful for our Japanese speakers?

名前は:Daniel Brenar, a.k.a. Mike Cruze 日本の詐欺師 - Daniel Brenar

名前は:Daniel Brenar, a.k.a. Mike Cruze

名前は:Daniel Brenar, a.k.a. Mike Cruze.

ダニエルバーナーは噂ではカナダ出身の30歳の英語教師で、2002年くらいからナイーブな日本人女性を スキャムしてきた。“ルームメイト募集â€ÂÂや“ペンパルâ€ÂÂなどのローカルな掲示板に偽の伝言を送ることから始ま り英語ローカル雑誌を利用しランダムに迷惑メールを送るようになったっていった。
 英語を学びたい、多分それ以上求める、お人よしの日本人女性をいったん捕まえるとあらゆる方法でしつこ くつきまとう。最初に会う時から“贈り物â€ÂÂを持ってこさせる。デートのお金を払わせる。彼女ら の冷蔵庫を荒らす。わいせつな行為。そして彼女らのクレジットカードを使うにいたる。英語の授業に100ドルの頭金を要 求することさえある。(インターネット上の被害者の証言より)架空の英語教室をでっちあげ、存在しない国際 交流パーティーを企画しその他の疑わしいこと― 七カ国語を話すといった- をのたまう。
 また、オーストラリア、イギリス、カナダ、カリフォルニアなどいろいろな国からのように装い、異なる名 前とアドレスを使って迷惑メールを送る。(しかし奇妙なことにいつも同じIPアドレスであるが)そして獲物 をつるのに偽のイケメン男の写真を送ることもある。
 彼に会った人達いわく、本名はドミトリーでトルクメニスタン出身であり、それゆえ彼の英語にはひどいな ま りがある。

Automatically translated text:
名前は:Daniel Brenar, a.k.a. Mike Cruze. ダニエルバーナーは噂ではカナダ出身の30歳の英語教師で、2002年くらいからナイーブな日本人女性をスキャムしてきた。“ルームメイト募集â€ÂÂや“ペンパルâ€ÂÂなどのローカルな掲示板に偽の伝言を送ることから始まり英語ローカル雑誌を利用しランダムに迷惑メールを送るようになったっていった。 英語を学びたい、多分それ以上求める、お人よしの日本人女性をいったん捕まえるとあらゆる方法でしつこくつきまとう。最初に会う時から“贈り物â€ÂÂを持ってこさせる。デートのお金を払わせる。彼女らの冷蔵庫を荒らす。わいせつな行為。そして彼女らのクレジットカードを使うにいたる。英語の授業に100ドルの頭金を要求することさえある。(インターネット上の被害者の証言より)架空の英語教室をでっちあげ、存在しない国際交流パーティーを企画しその他の疑わしいこと― 七カ国語を話すといった- をのたまう。 また、オーストラリア、イギリス、カナダ、カリフォルニアなどいろいろな国からのように装い、異なる名前とアドレスを使って迷惑メールを送る。(しかし奇妙なことにいつも同じIPアドレスであるが)そして獲物をつるのに偽のイケメン男の写真を送ることもある。 彼に会った人達いわく、本名はドミトリーでトルクメニスタン出身であり、それゆえ彼の英語にはひどいなま りがある。現在はおそらく神戸もしくは大阪に住んでいる。
As for name: Daniel Brenar and a.k.a. Mike Cruze. The daniel burner in rumor with teacher the English of 30 years old of the Canadian graduate, [sukiyamu] did the naive Japanese woman from about 2002. It started from the fact that message of the fake is sent to the local bulletin board of “roommate collection†and the “pen pal†etc and the [tsu] [te] which reaches the point where the annoyance mail is sent to random making use of the English local magazine it said.  We would like to learn English, perhaps above that it seeks, when the Japanese woman of the dupe is caught once, hang on persistently with all methods. First when meeting from, it makes “the gift haveâ€ÂÂ. It can pay the money of date. Her refrigerators are devastated. The [wa] it is, [se] cord behavior. And using her credit cards it reaches the point of. There are even times when down payment of 100 dollars is required to English class. The overhead English classroom the apprentice is lifted (from testimony of the victim on Internet), the international interchange party which does not exist is planned and you said that thing - seven national languages where the other things are doubtful speak - the cartridge .  In addition, like from various countries such as Australia, England, Canada and California you dress up, using name and the address which differ, you send the annoyance mail. But (although always it is the same IP address to strange thing but) and the game the chord, there are also times when the photograph of the [ikemen] man of the fake is sent.  The people who meet to him it is and the framework and autonym are [torukumenisutan] graduate with [domitori], consequently there is a terrible lead in that English. Presently perhaps you have lived in Kobe or Osaka.


英語 blog site:




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Brenar in Whynot Japan

I have seen that he is putting ad up there. The women that use this site are very naive and looking for boyfriends. Someone should contact webmaster about it. I try to steer them away, but don't have as much time to devote as this scum does.


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I was hoping I'd never have to do something like this but I guess I do. Since the post in the Chinese forum above^^^.

Daniel Brenar is NOT affiliated with AFI in any way, shape, or form. He is is a scammer. He is only ever a target.


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Daniel Brenar seems very popular. I guess he is causing problems in other places too. Is he really in China? Poor peole in Shanghai. He is enough scum in Japan without being in China too. Is he really gay?


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Dear Patriots:

Found this Brenar ad, placed on Kansai Scene about 3-weeks past, which is still present. I kept laughing to myself about some naked 'queen' dancing (prancing) in a grass skirt, and wearing a pink cowboy hat...

>HELLO AND ALOHA! MY NAME IS MAT Hello and Aloha!My name is Matthew!I am an single white American male came to Japan from Hawaii,Waikiki!!I have my own Hawaiian dance and music school and teaching dance and music!Im interested in sports, scuba diving, music, traveling!
EMAIL: amermale1hawaii@hotmail.com <

Well, either you laugh, or PUKE!!


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$10,000 reward?

Someone posted on Whynot Japan site that there was a $10,000 reward. Is this true? If it was, I let him walk away from that Hankyu train.:mad:


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I doubt it. that isn't quite how the legal system works here. The first question would be, who is putting up the money?

De Master Yoda

Ten grand eh??

Not a bad idea though! any one got any spare cash??;)


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The reward seems to be re-affirmed?
Also, the Kansai Scene message board seems to present some new evidence.
Lately, Brenar's favorite haunts contain his obvious writings.
But, the pen name suffix has now changed to XXXX@myway.com
Theory: Were too many complaints lodged with MSFT?
Did they ping his laptop's chip?
Is he now unable to do scams using hotmail?
Any thughts, anyone?


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Someone logged in on Whynot Japan as John W. says the reward is real and someone, maybe not him, added wanted dead or alive dead is easier. Show me the money!


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2 news posts at Kansai Scene
HELLO, I'M ARNALDO, MALE, FROM I Hello, I'm Arnaldo, male, from Italy looking for friend to meet,talk I love Japan and Japanese culture. I am studing Japanese now.I can speak some Japanese,but want to practice more speaking and writing! I like manga, anime, reading, poetry, movies, music!I play and have my electric guitar EMAIL: <italian11@excite.com>
HI!NICE TO MEET YOU!I AM CANADIA Hi!Nice to meet you!I am Canadian male I can speak both native English and French,also learned Japanese here in Japan!I teach English and French at Berlitz in part time!I am looking for friends and more!Now I am single and want to find a nice girl for romance and relationship! Please email me EMAIL: <englishorfrench@myway.com>
<plsmeetmedcallme@skymail.com>, Japan, Tokyo, Dion (KDDI Corporation)
how are you?
today is good wheather
i am enjoying japan
i went to asakusa and odaiba
lets meet today in ikebukuro or on saturday in ginza or on sunday in ikebukuro?
if you can meet call me: 090-60549457
your emails dont arrive to me
denwa de hoga ok desu!

if you try to email me email me here: <gentleguy115@hotmail.com>
this address will maybe work


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More Daniel Bernar addresses:
More emails Daniel

I wonder if he is getting desperate now?
He seems to be using a lot of emails, are they not working as well? now that people are becoming more aware of this loser in their midst?

He really is a sad excuse for a human being!:mad:


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i think someone must go Tokyo and meet him at Shinjuku likes he want. but they must have many police around.