Dating scams


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My husband passed away in March this year, as a new widow, I was a matchmaking professional 22 years ago before I met my husband. I met my husband via online dating site, we met each other and got married for 22 years. I thought finding someone online might be great way to start with. It worked for me before and I also can work on marketing research on dating sites. Unknowingly I almost fall for dating scammers while I was at site called "Twoo" If the person is too good to be true, most likely he is fake! Indeed, I learned from my past experiences before I met my husband, I met a scammer on NY street just graduated from my master degree and worked in NYC alone, that experiences had taught me not to trust people right the way. This time I caught that scammer sound like a ring leader after he asked me to get him cash via amazon gift card. I did Google research right the way, I knew that is part of scammers. Right after that experiences, I was in "Connect Singles" meeting countless scammers with fake profiles 90% on sites even three military scammers and one fake pilot and one fake contractor who claim to have the contract with Asian Government. He later introduced me his boss and his boss asked me to loan him $2000. I hardly knew the guy then after I told him, he then asked me to loan him $100 medical bill for his daughter! I just have enough of these fake profiles and scammers on site and nothing I can do about it! Just try to stay away! Now if I am on any dating site, I will never give my email or other APP away as long as I stay on dating site. I can keep track with these men. I got less men interested in me so I knew that they are potential scammers! I will share you my collect evidences to show how these scammers worked. I am just so tired of countless dating scammers so I prefer to stay away from the men I can't meet in real life! If they are not local, I would not bother to meet them!

After dating scammers and now I run into job scammers! What happened to people these days?! I am glad to find this site to keep me track what is scam out there!?

Classic case 1 of scammer as the followings;

And as for the investment , I intend to invest 25,000USD

There has to be a solution to the dormant account first

I had to pay my lawyer 1300 USD to do that on my behave

You can help me with that ? I will pay back when everything has been solve

Class case #2

Oh no I'm here in Malaysia solely because I have my money to claim here for a medical equipment supplies that I personally did last month and I intend to invest part of the payment with you

I told you I went to court today for the alternative payment release order

Once I get it then submit at the ministry tomorrow they will release my payment to me here in cash or transfer to any account I give them to send it to

But today I was told it will cost me $19,000 to get it. Whereas I have only $15,000 now and I'll need help to complete it and finish from here as soon as possible to allow them release part of the payment to me here and the rest transferred to your account for safe keeping for me until I get back home to meet you

I used to work in the UK and that time I met my business partner there

Scammers are low life peasants that I can't do anything with so they can never get close to me

This was what I was calling my daughter about just a while ago

To see what she can send over from there this morning

So now I opted to let you know as well

Yes she's going to send what is available later

Ok you mean for the safe keeping

No problem I'll meet you when I get there

But for now I'll only need you to help me with some money to sort my payment release order here first and I'll send it back to you after my funds are released

Please you should try to lend me just $2000 because my daughter is only able to send $2000 to me. I will send your money back to you right after I get my payment released here

Military dating scammers;

Case 1

I wanted to discuss something very important with you,but i want to know if i can trust you as my good friend
7 days ago we got a lead Intel from a right source about some hideout of Isis militant,so we had to quickly burst them unaware i followed some few soldiers along side our commander,at the end of it we lost two soldiers and we succeed in bursting them
A medic always have to follow the solders along in all mission in case of urgent medical attention or treatment
Because we are not allowed to communicate with anyone outside the camp,so nobody needs to link out any information
Well at the end of our bursting we came across a huge amount of money that the Isis was planing to use it to buy heavy weapons and all that
So our commander had to share the a funds between me and 2 other soldiers

Case 2
For your partner to come home

Our mission here is 5 years before we come back to state but as far as our mission have not been ended there must be a vacation for your partner to come home
So if you don't want your partner to come home he can stay till the mission is over then he will be coming home without no fees

I can come back only if you apply for vacation and send it to ISAF​

Withing 24 hours ISAF is going to reply you and a little fees will be demanded, when you make the fees I will be allowed to come home to you

Listen to me​

When you apply the vacation to the ISAF and make the fees demanded by them I will be granted to come home this month

Yes I have a lot of money and as I told you before we don't ha e access in our account due to what the soldiers did and run always from the camp

Baby try and read every messages I sent to you and try to understand it​

Its okay, let's end the conversation cause you think am asking you foe money which I don't ask you

Let's forget about it​

Case 3

Honey I have taken you as my woman with love and trust. Please i know you will not betray me or disapoint me. So i have my salaries and allawances for 7 months we have been working in syria here because the united nations pay us at hand in the camp and i kept mine in my bag in Aleppo my main camp before we went for this rescure in Damascos and had this problem that end up in hospitalised in Damascos camp. Please i want to send this money to you through courier compay so that you will keep it for me before i come back. Now i am in the hospital so that people in my camp will not take it and here is not safe at all. People i am sharing room with can take the money and i dont want to loose it please


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I have done the dating scam research a while ago from official FBI site and I just want to share my side of stories. Thanks for sharing the link.
Being CJ major in master program, I really think society today is really sick being in digital world that we don't know who is the person on the other side of screen, how can I really put trust on him or her!? We need to have built a system to get these people punished for their action!? Is it even possible? Today he is she and tomorrow she is he? He can be John Smith, then he became Mary Doe. You just can't catch them! They hide among us and we can only try not run into them and don't reply a stranger's email and don't answer stranger's call. Don't answer the door if the stranger is out side of your door. Always be alarm while something is up and remind ourselves "too good to be true"! Don't get greedy and don't trust people easier! Till then we hope we can still live in life with peace without scammers in our life! Seven months without my husband to protect me and I need to learn to protect myself and my son! Whether it is dating scam or job scam, I just have to be very careful what people are these days!
When you put yourself out there, there is risk you are going to take! Thanks for this site and now I feel I have a community that can offer me great advise and huge database to search from.


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The problem is "Is that worthy of my time to do so?!" When I did my internship in prison, I thought I was going to reform these prisoners as my mission of life! I was never got back to CJ profession, but somehow I involved with CURE International. Now I run into countless scammers as if they don't get caught, they will never go into the system! I just don't know if I want to go through that process, what outcome will be then?! I watch every step I take so I will not fall into the trap! It is just so disappointed the world has become this way!


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We as a community and we can stick together to make it happen! One day at the time and one person at the time! How many of us are willing to do it?! I am just one person and I need next person to say "I do!?"

Scam is not just financially but also emotionally and psychologically damage and might be physically. We have to rebuid everything after being victim of scammers.
My thought on meeting people on a dating site is. Go along with it until you verify the person is legit. Ask for a photo of them holding something in L or R hand, something unusual, the best is a newspaper with the date showing. Still they can be scammers. Spelling and language is another big tip off. The other tip off is money, of course. When asked to send money, Apple cards, any type of card that can be sold or used....RUN! Don't even answer, delete them and block the person ASAP. The chances of them being a scammer is more than them not being a scammer. Rule of thumb, If it walks like a duck, quacks like a's a duck! Good luck!


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NDA? For what?

Key sentence: ...known each other almost one year via online and we never met each other yet not even a phone call or video chat". Translation: classic scam format.


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It is NDA so I can't share. I have interviewed with people from this group about scam topic in my radio show last year December. I also personally experienced dating scammers last year. We went over everything. Due to COVID-19 many people stuck oversea, they can't come back. Plus I am the one asked him to sign NDA and ask not meeting him or call me either. He is the one followed what I have said! Like I said having faith. Something worthy for waiting.