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From:, Nigeria, Yenagoa, Airtel Networks Limited
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2018
From: "Mr DAVID ALEX" <www.@chime.ocn.ne.jp>
Reply-To: "Mr DAVID ALEX" <mgramoffice40@gmail.com>
Subject: Greetings From Money Gram

Greetings From Money Gram

Your first Payment of $3000 usd has been sent to you today (MTCN NUMBER 58244853) senders name Godwin Odendaal, So kindly track your money with this atcn number and you will see that your first payment of $3000 is ready for you to pick it up but know that before you can pick up the $3000 you most pay the $150 to the money gram office for the approval of your fund payment of ($7.8 Millions USD) to be sign and release to you immediately you send the below information to them: Note that your payment files will be returned to the IMF within 24 hours this is the instruction given to us by the IMF. We have been struggling to send you the first payment of $3000 USD today through our payment system here before we found out that your payment file needed to be renewed from the World Bank central system. So you have to send only $150 so that we will use it to renewed your name from the World Bank central system so that your first payment will be available on your name to pick up your first payment once you send the fee of US$150.00 required to renew and reconfirm your payment file to us through the World Bank Central System. Do not contact any office again except our money gram to avoid mistake because your payment file and your fund of ($7.8 Millions USD) has been scheduled in our office right away.

Here is the information where you will send the needed fee of $150 U.S.D
Receiver Name .......... ANEGBOKA LAWRENCE
City ..................LAGOS
Amount............. $150 U.S.D
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and also reconfirm us your full details such as
Your full Name:_________
Telephone No:__________
Your Passport Id:________

to avoid us making a mistake when sending you your second payment of $3000 and also know that you are the one holding this transaction, immediately you send the needed fee of $150 we will renewed your payment file from the world Bank central system and you will be abel to pick up your first payment once you pick up the first payment just let us know so that we will send you your second payment immediately

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