David Appiah, The Harley Street Clinic (Ghana)



I got an attractive offer from the harley street clinic in Ghana. It looks like these people are trying to make money on the harley street name.

To: Applicant - [here they put down your name]
Thanks your mail, {see the faulty grammar}

This is to inform you that 1 week training and orientation is going to be given upon your arrival for a better understanding of your roles and responsibilities, first class flights shall be arranged for you before you embark on your trip to Ghana, also during your 15 days vacations after every 90 working days. Your apartment is furnished with fully air-conditioned, including wireless internet broadband.

Regarding your Visa, Work Permit and Residence permit to leave, stay and work in Ghana, urgently sign, scan and send the copy of the contract to the authorized Immigration attorney (Bar. George Yawson) whom contact email (Georgeimmigichambers@ mail2ghana.com) & telephone number (Tel: +233 (26) 114 0028) and also send a copy back to us.*

As per the Ghana Immigration law, all expenses related to Immigration documents should come directly from the applicant while we will reimburse all expenses after the confirmation of payment receipt copy made during the processing of your traveling documents through George Immigration Chambers as a form of expenses report, upon the confirmation, we shall immediately open your reimbursement file and start the reimbursement immediately within 2 days of completing all formalities with George Immigration Chambers.

Always keep us updated as regards the progress of procurement of your traveling documents. As we look forward to meeting you soon.

Mr. David Appiah
Human Resources Department
The Harley Street Clinic (Ghana)
#107, Samua road
Greater Accra - Ghana
Tel: +233-54-127-5705
Email: [Careers.thscghana@gmail.com]
Email: [info.ghana@theharleystreetclinic.org]
Website: www.theharleystreetclinic.org


I also got an offer from them

are you an ophthalmologist?
I also have got an offer from these people but r they real?
hope they r not fraud.
the content of the offer letter and the grammatical mistakes r same.
I dont know what to do.

Central Scrutinizer

Staff member
@ ulkatarz, Don't post your email here.

It's s scam mail so the answer is real simple: delete it and don't respond to it.


100% scam

This SCUM using [Georgeimmigichambers@mail2ghana.com] is apart of a large FRAUD via Internet! There are NO JOBS - just SCAM!

"George Immigration Chambers" - FAKE!

All they want if your money via Western Union!