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Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2018
Subject: your son

Good Day.

How are you today,i hope you are fine?I am David Bello the son of the late Minister of Tourism in Sudan,i am 16 years of age and i am presently at the refugee camp in Ghana,i am contacting you in respect of my two consignment boxes which is already in your country with the church Rev.my foreign beneficiary who was suppose to receive the consignment boxes and invest it for me was so greedy asking for 75% which we agreed on 35% before the boxes left Ghana for your country. I had to put a stop to the delivery of the boxes to him,please i am contacting you to help me receive my consignment boxes because i have mapped out 45% for you.

I want to inform you that the Rev.peter has been there for good five days now waiting to hear from my foreign beneficiary to carry out the delivery to and the content of my two consignment boxes is Money $25,000.000.00 ( Twenty Five Million United States Dollars ) which is meant to be invested in a profitable business in your country.I want you to know that the Rev. does not know the true content of the boxes is containing money so please when contacting him for the delivery to you don't tell him about the content. I want you to know also that i have paid for the delivery charges which is $1500 ( one Thousand Five Hundred United State Dollars ) all you have to do is contact the Rev. peter Please help me by receiving the boxes,for as soon as you receive them i will be coming over to join you,so we can start the investment together and i will start living a good life again. Please get back to me so that i can give you the contact of the Rev. so you can contact her for her to carry out the delivery to you and please remember to send me your house address and phone number . The name of the Rev. in charge is Rev. peter Joseph.

Your Full Name.................
Delivery Address.............
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I Am waiting for your immediately Respond
Thanks and God Bless.