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Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2018
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DESK OF Mr. David Bello,
E-mail: riamoneytransferofficenigeria@aol.com

Dear Friend and Beneficiary,

I want to make you understand something in life that you failed to realize, I want you to have at the back of your mind that all these while you have been dealing with fake people, claiming to be western union/money gram and Banks officials, I have never slept a day without being worried about your issue since I entered into this custody of Ria Money Transfer. I have been keeping this as a secret, but I want to open up to you at this very moment to avoid Judgment day in the present of Almighty God, do you really know what holding your payment over and over, paying your hard earned money without result is because of (Certificate of Occupancy) look, I want you to do me a favor by keep this issue secret. For your sake just to be honest and integrity, I am praying day and night towards this case, once i sight mine eyes on your contract compensation award winner, you

spent a lots yet no conclusion, I believed that God use someone to save somebody, as the matter of fact with the hope that this transfer have come to the end for you to receive your payment as I took this bold step, what I mostly needed from you is honest and integrity also keeping this secret and confidential. Right now, this might interest you to know the main reason while I keep on exposed below reference issue to you today just to be awareness about what really holding your payment upon all the monies you have paid is (Certificate of Occupancy) without the document, there is no ways the expecting contract award winner compensation will ever paid to you, point of correction, don't ever you ignore below messages, it is yours times for God to answer your prayer, Well, I wouldn't say I regretted taking such step because I don’t knew how much you have also paid so far in this issue. But my pains and agonies is much each times I saw your file form record, you are always feeling cheated or swindled.

Well, a times I seat down and thinks of this other way round with the firm believe that you sometimes act funny just because of the bad name and reputation of this country (Benin Republic in African) also with your past experiences with some of those hoodlums. But when I seat down in my office sometime last week and saw your payment file, I was trying to contact you personally with the hope of helping you out of the mess you have faced so far with those criminals, but I still understand partially that you are still somewhat believing in those hoodlum?s fake letters and documents, look, you need a prayer just ask God to opened your eyes well, by review a personal person to trust in order to have your fund paid to you.

Considering the state of affairs at hand, I will be glad to notify you for the last time what holding your payment sake and you have also lost money too, but I want you to know our stands now because the UN, FBI & INTERPOL are so concerned why I have not yet gotten this fund of yours paid to you since, but I found out that my explanation makes no sense/ or difference to them, all they are after is for me to make sure I get this done before the end of this week. Please! Please! & please! Can you help yourself out from this matter so we can forget about our agonies once and for all? Can you trust me for once for me to trust you as well so we can work out things? I want to be plain to you so you can be plain to me as well. According to my meeting with this reliable Bank manager today.

He made it cleared to me that instead of him demanding for fees upon fees; why don't we pay the whole needed fee for once and get this fund transferred or delivered immediately to you If you are ready to comply with the US$155,00 Finally,I would love you to open up to me if I should forward a letter of declaration to you for you to sign on it stating that you are no more interested in making this claim so I can forward to the bank,UN, FBI & INTERPOL. But if you are still interested in making the claim, kindly try and send down the needed fee today so I can make all arrangement with the bank to avoid misunderstanding.

Receiver Name: Chinyere Mary Okechukwu
Receiver Country: Nigeria
City: Abuja
Text Question: A
Text Answer: B
I await your prompt response,
Thank you so much,
Best Regards,
Mr. David Bello
E-mail: riamoneytransferofficenigeria@aol.com