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Date: 2020-04-06
From: davidhoffman421@gmail.com
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Dear Attorney,

I was referred to you by the State's Bar Referral Services. Do advise if your firm handles Litigation Cases.

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From: David Hoffman <david.hoffman@oaksorganicfarms.org>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2020

Dear Attorney,

We appreciate you giving us a chance to discuss our case. We placed an order for some goods from Fastenal Company back in January, 2019 and the terms of the sales contract requires we to pay 50% of the total cost of the ordered goods before delivery and the balance after we have received the same goods. However, after we made the 50% initial deposit, we did not receive any goods as required. The goods ought to be delivered in February, 2019. More time was given to them to deliver the goods which they were still unable to meet with. Hence, we requested for a refund.

We have made several efforts to have them refund the initial deposit, but to no avail. We have therefore decided to resort to legal means since there is an existing agreement prior to the transaction. Find below details of the supplier for your conflict check.

Fastenal Company.
United States

We have suffered so much loss as a result of this failed transaction and we are ready to proceed with litigation if the need should arise. Let us know the best way to have this issue tackled and we will comply as long as we get results. Furthermore , we have concerns and would like you to respond in detail in your reply.

Are they any foibles you see in this case? If litigation is involved, the distance gives us some concern with regards to court appearances. How can this be handled?
How much is your legal fee? Do you charge on hourly basis or contingency? What should we expect from you? Any guarantees? Please advise on your assessment of this case. A quick response will be appreciated.

David Hoffman


I also received emails from these folks. Supposedly in England. There is a man with a similar name in a similar company, but this isn't him. Also, the fake Fastenal email provided is hyphenated, Fastenal is not.
Last month it went a bit further, TC and emails and even exchanges with the so called debtor. The debtor went so far as to send a cashiers' check, NG of course, and the so called client asked to have the money forwarded to him before the check cleared. Somebody, somewhere must be that cooperative, desperate, or stupid. The bank SIU is following up now.