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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2018
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Subject: Breaking News January 2018

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Your $1.600.000.00Usd Compensation From Benin Republic.

Attention Please.

Breaking News January 2018,This is to inform you that the higher authorities that is in charge of international transaction has this morning declared that you will receive your $1.600.000.00Usd United States Dollars) through Western Union Money Transfer Only as compensation for your past effort here in Benin Republic.

So the arrangement has been made this morning and the Federal High Court Of Justice has signed your Western Union Transfer Papers and the only money you will pay is $100. for the signing of it which means your transfer will start tomorrow morning.

The daily transfer of your fund is $5000.00 per day until your total $1.600.000.00Usd United States Dollars) is completely transfered to you.

I am here to swear to you that your first payment of the $5000.00 daily transfer will be on its way today or lastest tomorrow morning once we confirm the $100 from you which is for the Federal High Court Of Justice Benin Republic signing of your Western Union Transfer Papers.To show you the truth.

Below is the First transfer payment details which has been insert into our computer.
SENDER NAME; Francis Rinabarger
Text Question....GOD
Mtcn Number;......655-483-3593

Then we want you to type https://www.westernunion.com/track-transfer?0 and click tracking and pest sender's first name and last name,the you pest mtcn number and click check status to see that your first transfer of $5000.00 is available for you but you will not pick it until you pay the needed $100 for the signing of your Western Union Transfer Papers by the Federal High Court Benin Republic.

So we are here giving you this Western Union Payment Information Information for you to send the $100 immediately and your first transfer of the $5000.00 will be on its way after we pick the $100;

AMOUNT .....$100 ONLY

We wait for your mail with the $100 from you and be rest assured that you will receive your total compensation of $1.600.000.00Usd from us because this is General Western Union Head Office here in Benin Republic.

Finally you are advise to stop emailing any office or department here in Benin Republic until you receive your full compensation from us,this is for your security.

From Western Union Money
Transfer Head Office Benin Republic
Manager Mr. David John.
Call us with this line....+229-638-004-22