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Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2018


My name is David Melnic, son of Engr. Evgeny Melnic We're Israeli national with Moldovan root. We spent most of our lives in Ghana before moving down to Togo where my dad worked as a foreign contractor until he died from a Cardiac arrest in 2016.

Life has not been easy for me since my father's death, having lost my Mum 23 years ago few minutes after I was born! I would like to leave Africa now which is why I am contacting you. Though we haven't met before, but I'll need your help in repatriating the money which my late father left with Orabank, Togo. I never knew about the money until I found the documents, indicating that he made a fund deposit of two million seven hundred and fifty thousand Dollars ($2,750,000.00) with this bank.

Though I知 the next-of-kin, but the bank may not release the money to me without approval of any senior member of my family due to 'Age clause' as supplemented by my late father. Hence, I have decided to employ your assistance in standing as a senior member of my family so that the bank can release the money. We'll discuss your remuneration and transfer modalities if you'll agree to stand in for me.

If you wish to discuss the issue further, please reply.

Yours Sincerely,