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Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2018
From: David Onsworth <compesationfund2017@outlook.com>
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Subject: Dear beneficiary,

Dear beneficiary,
I want to apologize for contacting you through this medium but that is the only alternative for now.I am not by any means trying to interfere in your private business or anything related to that but i want you to follow the right direction.I am aware of the online lottery you won and some inheritance and compensation fund under your name currently.Many have fallen victim of recent global internet scams but not those that are careful.The reason i contact you is that i can no longer be silent and watch you continue laboring in vain.

I have been monitoring your online transactions and other monetary activities for the past 5 years.It has never turned well for your expectation and anytime you are about to have a good news for your effort,something must come up to ruin your happiness and bring further delay to your transaction.No matter how hard you tried to meet up with their various demands,you aren't successful because there is always more to be demanded at the end.You have tried many offices in different countries both in Africa or Europe in pursuit of your fund but still yet to be successful.

A wise man once said,there is a stage in life that moving ahead is no longer the solution;one need to sit back,think,search and gather momentum before putting a step forward.This is not cowardliness rather it is being cautious.You might be wondering why i am contacting you at this point of time or what makes me any different from your previous experience.You have only one single legitimate fund in your name and that is Nine hundred and fifty thousand united states dollars($950,000 USD). This fund is awarded to you as a compensation by someone you have directly or indirectly helped in the past.

You have been terribly confused by numerous emails daily tagging you with millions of dollars from different locations.And any attempt you made to claim those funds proved abortive.As it may interest you to know,i am David Onsworth, the logistic manager of Amtrack courier service headquartered in U.K (www.amtrack.com) ;I am the one assigned to deliver your cashiers check of $950,000 USD then and this is why i am contacting you.Along the process of the delivery,there is a double claim as someone came up writing on your behalf to change the ownership to the new title as you authorized.I received many calls from my company to return the delivery with immediate effect till more investigation are carried out.And the latest development got everybody puzzled and wondering.

Instead of returning the parcel back to U.K as my company demanded, i rather returned the check to African Union Finance commission (AUFC) headquartered Benin Republic hence that is the origin of the fund.I will stop here till i hear from you before relating further information about your legitimate fund.
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