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The United Nations Compensation Commission payment exercise has deposited your payment of ($2.900, 000.00) Two Million Nine Hundred Thousand Euros with DHL Courier Service Central Bank Of Nigeria, This is regarding the draws the Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon organized on his visit to Africa to help individuals/Internet Scam victims and charity organization which your Email address was listed among those who are to benefit from the Compensation exercise.

The DHL Courier Service will send you an International Swift ATM Card that has been approved in your Registration Reference N:FDXB/xxx/100 Contact:Dr David Rohm .

and provide the below information to post you your ATM Visa Card.
1. Recipient's Name
2. Your Postal Address:
3. Contact address
4. Country of Origin
5. Telephone N.
6. Your ID Card Scanned Copy

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David Rohm