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from: David White <paidsurvey104@gmail.com>
date: Feb 19, 2019, 10:04 PM
subject: Re: JOB VACANCY GLOBAL- 2019 - mystery shopper job

Dear Representative,
We thank you for your willingness to be our company representative as a DETECTIVE/MYSTERY SHOPPER. Immediate verification has Been made to your address and all we require is to get an acknowledgment from you, that you've received this email so that We can immediately give you commencement modalities and the tracking number with which the payments will be delivered to your Home by a courier service in couple of days. Please reply back to this email.

MORE ABOUT JOB DESCRIPTION: As a Paid Surveyor you get paid to conduct a Simple Survey and provide valuable Customer Service Feedback to us. You will be Required to visit businesses and franchise locations like restaurants, stores, theaters, and other businesses in your area. Your job is to act like a regular customer and perform a normal business transaction while you conduct a simple survey and Gather information about the quality of service, behavior of staff and other issues at such locations.One of our tasks is to Evaluate the quality of businesses and financial services in your area. Businesses like Banks, Private Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels are top on our survey list. When an assignment is given to you, you would be provided with details Execute the assignment and we expect you to complete it in a timely fashion. You would be sent a payment (check/money order) which would cover your payment of $400 and also for the duty. As soon as you Receive the payment, you should cash in at your bank, deduct your bonus of $300, and use the rest of the money for the Services. Your job will be to evaluate and comment on customer service in a wide variety of shops, stores, restaurant and Services in your area.You must not use your personal money to complete any of the surveying process and there will be no reimbursement of any kind Since we are providing you with all the funds you will need to carry out the survey.

ASSIGNMENT PACKET: 1ST ASSIGNMENT: You will be Evaluating any of these stores: CVS, DOLLAR GENERAL, WALMART, DOLLAR TREE, FAMILY DOLLAR, KROGER, RITE AID, KMART, MONEY GRAM, DILLIONS OR 7ELEVEN in your neighborhood.You are to Cash the Check at your Bank or any check Cashing center around you and then Go ahead with the Evaluation (Evaluate nearest stores). The Check you will be receiving Would cover all expenditures, including evaluation, shopping, transport and your compensation for these Surveys.

Before any assignment, we would provide you with the resources needed {Funds} Mostly, our company would send you a check/money order which you can cash and use for the assignment. We would be providing you all the details you need to complete your Assignment on here and we expect you to follow every instruction given to you as a secret shopper. You can earn more just by shopping at a number of selected retailers and assessing their customer service and reporting back. I want you to get back to me with confirmation of your interest and commitment in working with us.

N: B- I am Mr David White. Your Survey officer. Please direct all further emails to me on this email account, I WOULD ALSO WANT YOU TO INDICATE YOUR INTEREST IN WORKING WITH US AS A SECRET SHOPPER! YES or NO (Kindly reconfirm your full legal names and full mailing address).

I will await your prompt response. Best Wishes and Regards.
David White
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Secret Shopper Inc USA/Canada
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