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Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2019

Hello My Beloved One,

Compliment of the season" I know it's been a little bit long time since we stopped communication, but I never meant to forget you really, because of the remarkable effort you made trying to help me secure the money when I was still working under City Bank London.

I have disengaged from the Bank service and live now in Sydney with my new husband who is a Senegalese, He used his offshore account facility with the UBA Bank branch in Senegal to get the money safely transferred .

I feel it will be an act of ingratitude if I do not share this good news with you, and therefore I use this opportunity to appreciate your kindness and the love you showed me during those critical days that i was in search of a partner to handle the deal.

I vowed that i will never forget or leave you empty handed after my success, and that is why I decided to compensate you with the sum of ( Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand United States Dollars ($250,000.00) in a UBA Master Credit Card. Please do accept it as a token from my heart , in appreciation of the assistance you gave me during the time, though unsuccessful.

Please contact the Barrister Donaldson in Senegal as he is the one who finally connect me with a Trustworthy Partner today, so that you can receive the credit card and use it for withdrawing the money from any ATM Center near you.

You will be required to confirm your identity and address before he can recognise you as the true beneficiary of the UBA MASTER CARD and release it to you for use.

Here is the Barrister Contact Address: His Office phone number (+221 774872075 ) Address: 47,Bd Republic, Dakar Senegal, Email:

Make sure that you always send your mails to his email address !!!

My Warm regards to you always.


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That poor woman. They won't leave her alone.

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