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Received: from, Nigeria, Swift Networks Ip Range
Abuse: Gabriel Oyeyemi or Bassey Enene Akan, Swift Networks Ltd. 31B Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. Nigeria., Phone: +23417738138, fax-no: +23412700197, e-mail: []
Subject: Int'l Order Inquiry
From: Dele Atimba <>
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Dear Sir/Ma,

Compliment of the season to you! I went through your website address and found some items i would like to place order on. but before i proceed i will like to know if your company accepts payment via VISA or MASTER CARD and if your company ship to Bulgaria. If yes, please get back to me as soon as possible with your website address to confirm if the website address is the same with the one i checked or better still, you can email me with the price list on the items you have presently in stock as attachment.

I will await your prompt response as soon as you receive this message,i will be very glad if you treat this email with good concern....!

Panagyurishte,70 Georgi Benkovsky Street, Pasardschik 4500, Bulgaria.
TEL:+359 2 8070101
FAX:+359 2 8070001


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Stop all this you are doing, i never scammed you, you are spoiling my business. Someone else is trying to pull me down, I am not from Bulgaria, I am from Puerto Rico. And have never been involved in any Fraud. Some people had access to my email, i logged in on a Phishing site belonging to .. That was where they got access to my account. Please remove this post i plead, I never got involved, if you search very well, it is only you that is writing this about my company, and never know you from anywhere.

I will very much appreciate your vast action on removing this post.

Thank You


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Hello. This was a scam email sent by an Internet criminal in Nigeria. There is no reason to remove the thread. The criminal could send out the same email again.



This charater wants to buy our products and have a forwarding agent pickup product from our plant. RIGHT!!!!!!!! is not Puerto Rican but african, likely Guyana.

These people will hose you one way or another by having you forward the so called freight rate via western union to a person because their carrier doesn't take credit cards.

Who would believe that, a courier that does business internationaly as this. He even offered a $100.00 tip for my goodness.

You send the $940.00 to freight forwarder before they send you their card number to make sure you are lagitament.

Atimba Sales, Atimba, Ltd. Atimba, etc.

I can assure you that they will face the God of ALL Salvation for their scams. I won't say more.

I've had one goof offer to buy 150,00 kits of one of our products worth 1.3 miilion dollars. He was a friend of the president of Guyana. I happen to know the people at the embassy in Canada and they were going after them PDQ.
I believe after 4 years they are now in the penitentiary in Guyana. They are no longer in the business.

Buy or sell from legitimate people you can call by phone or the like. Sell it in the paper and get the cash sent by wire to your secure bank with out giving your bank account number.

May the good Lord keep you!

Fraud Buister

Nigerian fraudster

This email address [] is still in use as of January 2014 and is still being utilized by fraudsters. Beware!