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Subject: This world is full of love and I'm eager_to_become_acquainted_with_it!?
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Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2016

Greetings, my would-be affection! I hope to get close to you and know you better!!! I am living with a feeble hope to have real friendship or even an affair between us You could be my destiny! Our life is meant for trying something new every time. Now you know why I plucked up my courage to use Internet for tracing a sweet person and a reliable friend for the very first time ever!!! I am having a hope you will react to my letter and will not leave my message unattended. I will be hoping to receive your message. Honey, tell me something about yourself! What about sending me your photographs or at least one pic? Here is my background. My name is Deniz, I 'm thirty. I have a college degree. I do not smoke and do not drink alchohol. I prefer healthy life modes! I am interested to develop serious and sincere relations with you. I am in the hope that my letter was good news for you and you are interested in answering me! I promise to tell more about myself in my following letters! Hoping for the best, your future soul-mate Deniz .