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Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2018
From: Mr Dennis Reardon <>
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Subject: Attention Sir/Madam

Attention Sir/Madam

we wish to notify you that we have Successfully Loaded a part payment of your funds and has been in contact with the World Bank yesterday to verify the legality of your transaction and every documentations and bank deposit statements were forwarded to them for investigation and confirmation.They Have done that

Sequel to this effect, Your ATM DEBIT CARD has been Successfully Loaded with a part payment of your Inheritance/Contract/ Valued at the sum of $10.5M USD ( Ten Million, Five Hundred United States Dollars),

However an Instruction was passed over to this office from the office of the chairman African Union on financial matters that the funds which has been loaded into your ATM DEBIT CARD should not be tampered with by any governmental official since it has been approved by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Department of the United States that the exact funds Must be Delivered to your designated address via the Federal Diplomatic Delivery Service without any deduction made on it.

And they and African union have agreed to have the card delivered to you through no other means than Federal Diplomatic Delivery and the instruction for the delivery is stated below as you are advised to read carefully.

(Federal Diplomatic Delivery)
Approved Mailing cost $54.00
Insurance by IRS $0
Vat charge $15.00
TOTAL $ 69.00

Do reconfirm urgently the following information so that we can serve you better:

1.Your full name :..................
2. contact Address:................. telephone numbers:............

Best Regard.