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If you come across this company, my advise is to RUN (not walk) Away from them.

They are EXCELLENT Sales persons and have a very slick website and well seasoned sales reps, but their quality control and customer service AFTER the sale is the worse I have EVER SEEN.

And I used to be in the printing business, so I know!


I had originally made an order with them last year. Although I was not over impressed, it was "ok". Not worth the money I had paid for the service though.

So, recently, I decided to make a second order with them - for a totally different institution. After they assured me there would be NO similarities between the two orders as far as documentation details (as these were different institutions) - I place the order.

When I received the order - I was shocked!! There were so many issues that I immediately customer service who stated these issues could be resolved as long as I spoke to one of the managers named "Henry"

After speaking with "Henry" I realized he was pulling every trick in the book in an attempt to put the blame on me, and that they (the company) was not at fault. He also told me my original order did not exist with them (even after I was told earlier by a sales rep that there would be no issues.) Henry also stated that diplomacompany.com was NOT their website (he would not explain) and that I did not have an online account with them. Even though I did have an online account with him.

Henry's goal was to put the blame on me, and also wanted me to pay more money to have the work done again. I refused, and simply called my credit card company and did a charge reversal.

For the record - here are a few of the issues that the order had:


1.) Quality of paper was below grade.
2.) The printing is mis-aligned.
3.) The "seal" was simply a generic one used. Henry stated that it was against the law to use the institution's name in the seal, yet when I reminded him he had done this for an earlier order he did not reply.
4.) The word "university" was used instead of the word "college". Henry told me that these ment the same. (what a load of bull.)
5.) The EXACT same president and registrar signatures were used on both schools.


1.) The same document template was used (front and back) and signatures, for the second school as with the first school. *Henry stated that schools never stick to a common format. This made no sense.
2.) I had requested an "over all average score". Instead, EVERY SUBJECT had exactly the same mark!
you've tried to buy a fake diploma online? you are upset it ended up to be an obviously fraudulent document?

just out of interest.... what diploma were you trying to buy?

advice will follow....
sorry for all the questions... I dont want you to feel like you are sitting an EXAM

but really my advice will be more tailored towards your needs if you can let us know what phoney degree you were trying to acquire?


I dont want you to feel like you are sitting an EXAM


When I received the order - I was shocked!!
This if it's funny ... the fake professional man complains of a fake company :roflmao::roflmao:


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