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Attention Beneficiary,

I wish to inform you that I'm disappointed and not happy over your actions for signing your approved fund/ATM Card package worth (us$5.800,000.00) to your sister JANET JONES without informing me the person in-charge of your parcel delivery. I received an application and some documents purportedly written and signed by you authorizing this woman JANET JONES to receive your fund/package on your behalf but, I decided to get in touch with you before proceeding with her. I had called the Director of Operations there in Africa where your fund originated from and she denied knowing this woman hence I decided to confirm from you because I can't proceed without proper confirmation of the application.

The above mentioned woman JANET JONES, sent us all her information with the documents backing up her claim that you had signed your approved fund to her with a power of attorney to receive your fund/ATM Card package as your next of kin and only surviving relative/sister but, the problem with this is that the last name with address she provided to me is completely different from what I have in your delivering that is why I decided to communicate with you before reporting back to her on how to proceed.

She said you told her that you can't afford the required charge and ask her to take over the delivery as your next of kin so, I have not ask her to send the fee yet until I confirm from you and I will send her the information she need to send the fee after changing the beneficiary ownership of the fund to her names.

Thanks for your understanding as I look forward for your reply for quick process.

Humble yours,
Diplomat Comrade Wilson John Collins
Contact number: +1 202-381-3720
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