Do not let these parasites steal your time


Kimball Edwin Durand

I have spent lots of money in different parts of the world 10 years. I would estimate in those times that totaled, they almost reach a million dollars. Don’t get me wrong whoever is reading this. The topic I am about to give is about spending WISELY.I warn everyone, personal and professional, who plan to spend anything to get to Australia, NOT to spend it with Qualifymenow, Qualifymefast, Once it gets in their hands, Its damned to hell, It is like hammered shit, Just forget about it.They put the words “Recognition of prior learning” or “E-Learning” and “Career Development” and “Professional Development” in the same sentence as their short courses are absolute bullshit. They just run off and fuck with the money of other people who desperately want to get to Australia one way or another. Spend wisely, my dear beloved readers. It does not grow on trees. When someone from a third world country watch TV shows that feature Australia, They could not help to be curious to live a life of adventure and a pay generally higher than in their native lands. This is fact exploited by Qualifymenow, Qualifymefast, to fool people interested in living and working in Australia. It may also be against the law for Qualify Me, to give assurance to those people expecting to be in Australia, but they still proceed with the act of vacuuming the money out of those people. They offer short courses to have your recognition of prior learning in Australia. Your trade skills must be recognized to get there. But one thing is that they take bloody money from people who could not get to Australia as the embassy makes life a temporary bitch for them. They better return those cash. With the number of people scammed, they could run a charity for the starving people in Africa. If they don’t, somebody better hunt them down and feed them to the cannibals in the Congo. Ever wonder why the money you paid qualifymefast, qualifymenow, does not reap their promised benefit of Professional and Career development in Australia? Pay them the charges INCLUDING the hidden charges and they disappear like ghosts in the sunlight. What happened to you is clearly a scam, but paying fraud companies is nothing new, this has happened to countless number of people, Myself included. They simply are after money as they copied the scheme of other legitimate companies and they prey upon the poor who look to Australia for better jobs. The equivalent of US$7000 is not a small amount of money. So be warned. Do not let these parasites steal your TIME. It takes a while to raise that amount. Spend wisely