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hello my friend

please my friends tell me about that because i need to know if thise scam or not and if thise draft is true let me know

and thise is last message i have receve from him :

Dear xxxxx <<<<Mod edit personal details removed for safety. DMY >>>>>>>>>

Thank you for your message. I received your message and have attached those requirements needed by you.

The attached below is your Bank Draft and a copy of my ID as requested.

Once this payment of $350.00 is confirmed today, I will immediately go to any DHL office to send the Bank Draft to you. The Bank Draft will arrive your end on or before friday if sent today.

You are therefore adviced to go immediately to any western union office in your area to send the $350.00 through the information sent to you in my message yesterday.

Here is the information again:
Name of Receiver: Obiakor Kris Eze
Address: Marcory Ramblais Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire

The receiving information will be sent to me completely immediately after you have sent the $350.00

Yours in Christ,

Dominic (General overseer)
CCC Mission.
Lot 3891 Blvd du marcory.
Bietry Zone 77,Ab Cote D' Ivoire
TELEPHONE: (225)04 09 92 83

i attach to u the bank draft and id for him

let me know please

your friend


De Master Yoda

Cote D'Ivoire: Obiakor Kris Eze

Hi and welcome kapeto.
Yes This looks like a scam, the addresses 's supplied are used by many scammers.

The sending of a 'bank draft' and the request to then send the money to him immediately via western union is a sure sign it is a scam!

Any 'bank draft' cheque or money order from him will be either forged or stolen,
if you try to cash them you could be charged with being in possession of a forged instrument, NOT a good thing to happen.

If this scammer has any of your personal details, like your bank account etc then please change them to avoid losing any of your money!
As this is a scam and he has some of your personal details then the best thing is to stop ALL contact with this crook.

يستعمل كثير من scammers. <br> <br> ارسال ا 'مصرف مشروع' وعندئذ طلب لارسال الاموال اليه مباشرة عن طريق ويسترن يونيون هو اشارة اكيدة وهي عملية احتيال! <br> <br> اي 'مصرف مشروع' شيك او تحويل مالي منه ستكون اما مزورة او مسروقه ، <br> اذا كنت تحاول النقدية لهم انك يمكن ان يجري في تهمة حيازه أ forg3ed الصك ، لا لشىء جيد أن يحدث. <br> <br> واذا كان هذا قد scammer اي من التفاصيل الشخصيه الخاصة بك ، مثل حسابك المصرفي الخ ثم الرجاء تغييرها لتجنب فقدان اي من أموالك! <br> هذه هى عملية احتيال ودية بعض التفاصيل الشخصيه الخاصة بك ثم افضل شىء هو وقف جميع الاتصالات مع هذا المحتال