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From Donald Collins
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Hello Sir,

I would very much be interested in having some investments in your country as it is a place I suppose it's economy is very stable coupled with it's viable business environment. To be Honest and precise too, I would like to invest in the business sector of the economy. However, I will need somebody on the ground over there to handle this for me. More so, as I am not very much conversant with the culture of your country.

My names are Donald Collins, I live in Senegal. Like I said earlier, I wish to invest into business sector of your country's economy. I do not travel out for becuase of my status here and as such, I would like to have some one on the ground there to handle everything at the other end on my behalf.

If you can handle the logistics, source for and negotiate for prime properties on my behalf for a commission. As such you can handle so that we start off as long as you are a very honest and reliable person. If not let me know so that I will contact another person who is reliable and can handle such for me. More so, contact me if you have another business proposal in your country that I can invest in under your supervision and control.

Ensure to contact me as soon as possible.
God Bless you.

Donald Collins