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Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021
Subject: Re: Thanks

Hi there

Pls , I want to know if you are still αvαilαble on this e-mαiI. My boss αbroαd would like to contαct you to share αn int'l deαI [ of mutuαl gain ] for your considerαtion.

Thαnk you.

Central Scrutinizer

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From: "Project Info." <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021
Subject: Re: Thanks

How are you doing? I hope this mail finds you well.
My name is Donald, I live and work in Hong Kong. Obviously you do not know me nor do I know you, I am writing to you in connection to the e-maiI underneath that you got from my subordinate. I am glad you didn't pick on it as an offense receiving such unexpected e-maiI from a stranger (my subordinate).

In line with that, I enclosed in the affixed doc; a proper introduction of myself and a brief information of the int'I business deaI for your consideration.

PIease, if you can't or don't feel comfortabIe opening the doc you may let me know so I can send info in plain text.



I’m much obliged to you indeed for allowing me the chance to impart this proposition to you for thought. Please handle the content of this letter very confidential and respect the integrity of the information that comes by irrespective of your decision after reading I implore you to carefully read the entire content of this document so that you can understand the nature of my proposal and why you were contacted/ informed about my current quest for an international partnership. On how your email was found; I subcontracted my subordinate to help me search for a reliable person (living outside Hong Kong) who may possibly be interested in this profitable deal that I am about to share with you for consideration.

Once again; I’m Donald by name, the Head of Corporate and Commercial Banking at Hang Seng Bank, Hong Kong. Part of my job is to handle portfolios for high net-worth individuals (foreign investors) under Hang Seng corporate investment management and we have over 250 of these high net-worth Investors attached to my portfolio whose capital investment funds are being managed and administered by me. The capital investment funds have a value of over USD$4.5 Billion net which is used for trading in the stock market and lending with profit returns per annum.

Thus, each aforementioned investor is entitled to receive 16% - 18% profit interest (ROI) from their Investment Capital Funds per annum. As a specialist in wealth management, I made 25.2% Maximum Return Capital Profit overtime (with an Excess Return Profit of 2.2%) which exceeds our annual target of 23% Maximum Return Capital Profit (M.R.C.P) for the year 2020. Out of the 2.2% Excess Return Profit I secretly deducted 1.2% (USD $41.3 Million) for myself which I have kept in an anonymously.

Unfortunately, due to recent bank transfer regulations I cannot move the USD$41.3 million out of my bank without an international assistance, hence the reason I am now in search for a reliable/high-profile individual (living outside Hong Kong), someone who has no trace of contact with me, who would be willing to receive the funds on my behalf as “Tenure Investment Termination” with all my support and guidance.

Therefore, I’m hereby soliciting your assistance to work with me as a partner in receiving these funds on my behalf with all my support and guidance. With my position, I can secretly put you in our database as one of our foreign private investors by creating a portfolio in your name and attach the USD $41.3 Million to enable me to facilitate the transfer of the funds to you through an offshore channel without any form of hindrance. I want you to know that no tenure investment proceeds are paid out to our foreign investors without my signature/approval.

Apart from you and I, no one else knows about this funds, if my bank get to find out about this funds it'll be moved into my bank treasury at the end of second quarter next year and I don’t want this to happen because I have worked so much for the M.R.C.P and wouldn’t want to lose this portion to my bank.

This is a fair deal with a very minimal risk for both of us, I have evaluated the risks and the only risk is you refusing to work with me and alerting my bank or completing this deal half way with me thereby attracting the attention of some officers in my bank. Apart from this, I can assure you that this deal is risk-free with the way and manner the execution has been planned to be carried out.

As a professional banker with wealth of experience, it’d be my core duty to ensure that the transfer is done in a quiet manner; hence you will have to follow my instructions and act accordingly to enable everything to work out smoothly if you accept this proposal. I will do everything legally required to ensure that the project goes smoothly and it shall pass through all laws of International banking.


If you are interested in assisting me in receiving the fund, I am ready and prepared to share the USD$41.3 Million with you in this formula: 55% for me, 40% (USD$16.5 Million) for you and 5% will be set aside for charity purposes.

If my proposal/offer is of no appeal to you, please delete this letter and forget that I have ever contacted you. Do not ruin my career because my proposal is not acceptable to you. You may not know this, but the entire private banking industry is run by people like me who have made tidy amounts out of comparable circumstances.

Meanwhile, if you are interested and wish to have more details kindly confirm your AGE and Country of Residence; this is very important to me due to the preference attached to this deal. If your age and location meets my preference I will contact you to share more details and also explain to you how this project execution has been planned to be carried out without violating monetary laws here in Hong Kong as well as the one in your country.

NOTE: I do not want you to contact me via official channels or my social network platform because I will deny knowing you and anything about this proposal. Also, I do not want you contacting me through my official phone lines nor do I want you to contact me on my official email address. My private phone number will be shared with you in subsequent mail should you wish to speak with me.

That said, you may probably want to ask why I decided to seek assistance from a stranger rather than someone I know; I want you to know that, in this world of ours, the only person that can destroy you is someone that knows all about you. I have a few of good friends, but what about the future? What does it hold for the relationship? The sensitivity and confidentiality attached to this deal requires a partner who has no trace of contact with me.

I am a high profile banker and also a politician. I cannot let this deal ruin my career and dream; therefore you are to keep the deal confidential if you want us to achieve this great objective together. I will do all that is needed to protect our interest before and after the completion of the project as I want us to enjoy this funds peacefully with our family.

Finally, I want you to know that I send you this proposal not without a measure of fear as to what the consequences are, but I know within me that nothing ventured is nothing gained and that success and riches never come easy or on a platter of gold. This is the one truth I have learned personally from my private banking clients.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you at earliest.

Warm regards


NB: I am currently in the USA for my mother-in-law who is currently very ill, please bear with me if my subsequent response is also not immediate.[/plain]