Donovan Han Borde, Phone Hacker


Na Frustrate Go Kill All Diss Phools?
from: Donovan Han Borde <>
date: Jan 13, 2020, 5:34 AM

We appreciate your interest in our hacking services. Thank you for your patience, it is our duty to provide you with 5 Star service until all your worries and fear over your relationship is sorted. In response to your request concerning our services, these are our terms of service as we look to provide you with the best ethical professionals to handle your situation. We will be hacking into the person phone without his/her knowledge remotely and get it cloned just for you. All access to his/her phone will be provided to you after our work is done for you to get all the answers you need.

This is done with our upgraded Linux system (spyware), by intercepting the RAM of target device and then installing bugs / key loggers which would be responsible for transmitting all messages from the target phone, into a link that would still be developed and sent to you, after commencement.

The link would be opened on your cell phone (mirror phone), or any other device, which would start running as soon as you fill in your preferred username and password, this enables only you access to it.

All this is done remotely (without physical contact), nor any detection that the cell phone is being cloned.

Service costs Required: $320

You will be gaining access to all the listed information available on the phone that is been cloned.

*Full access to emails, sms, all social networks, deleted messages( 6 months), media, GPS tracker, and wire-tap (voice calls).
Duration: It runs for a period of 10 months and can be extended.
Activation Time: Takes between 5 - 7 hours to get completely activated depending on the service provider.

In acceptance to our terms, you will be providing us with the following;

Basic requirements.
*Phone number to be cloned
*Phone model
*Location (optional)

Note: Service charge must be duly received and processed before service is provided, this is completely important and necessary in ensuring total commitment to needed service required.

I await your prompt reply soonest,