Douglas Davis, needs fake check mule


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From:, Brazil, Sao Paulo, Locaweb Servicos De Internet S/a
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2021
From: Douglas Davis <>

I am contacting you for a Job offer. I am an Independent Account Payable Specialist. Due to high volume of work I have, I need your services so that I can shed my work load.

It is about printing and mailing of account payable checks which I am going to guide you through your first assignment until you understand the job very well. I am going to send you copies of the checks through email attachment and you will print them out. Your Job is to print out the checks, put them in an envelop and then drop them off in the mail.

I will expect you to work 3 hours a day and 2 days a week. Your initial weekly payments will be $200 and it will increase with time if you keep doing a good job and diligent in your work.

I don't owe my workers, so I pay upfront.
Note: I am going to provide you with the below listed items for your to carry out your work efficiently.
1-Laser Printer.
2-Blue Business check size paper.
3-Letter size/commercial envelopes.

Kind Regards,
Douglas Davis.