Dr. Ahmed Ali, Aston Construction Co, UAE



what about below letter which sent to me from this company , please advice me .


This is a confirmation to your earlier submitted application data; we delight to confirm upon your success appointment being nominated; your qualification was suitably found competitive consign by Aston CONSTRUCTION CO. LLC.UAE - United Arab Emirates management on the job requirements aim for your applied position.

This document attached embodies the approved terms for purpose relation to your offer of employment with Aston CONSTRUCTION CO. LLC.; the contingent agreement is at-will upon your acceptance, and you have been accepted as well as invited by the Management in to resume duties on the record time.

Kindly go through the Appointment offer letter; if the terms are suitable to you, indicate your acceptance by signing in the required space; also forwarding scan copies of the signed pages to view for final approval and further Issue of an employment certification letter from the management.

You have to contact the recommend travel agent Al Raju Travels & Tours with the scan copy of sign acceptance letter and request their assistance regarding the requisite information to have all relevant travel papers, and other applicable documents for your entry to duty location in Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates prior to your resumption time.

Contact Person: Simon Peters
Al Raju Travels & Tours
Next to Al Raha Mall & Resort,
HQ building, reception 4th floor
Post Box 45710
Abu Dhabi UAE
Tel: +971 582 678 125
Offical Email: info@alrajutravelstours.com
Email: workpermit.alrajutravels@outlook.com
website: www.alrajutravelstour.com

The Al Raju Travels & Tours will guide you to get the relevant documents from the probate authorities, as we are in prior negotiation of agreement for easier and prompt acquisition of employee’s necessary Travel documents through authorize Department offices in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.

The Aston CONSTRUCTION CO. LLC. UAE supervisory shall undertakes only your flight Ticket while you take care of your Work Visas and Residence Work Permit only you have abides with the valid UAE Visa Registration policy.

Therefore you are expected to furnish us with the necessary relevant documents before 10 working days; this is to reveal according to the terms stipulated in page Two (2) - Three (3) of the Appointment letter for your duty resumption, while it will enable proceed for endorsement of your relevant documents, Preparation Flight Ticket to get ready through assistance of Al Raju Travels & Tours prior to your departure for service with the Team.

Kindly update us with the process between you and the Al Raju Travels & Tours in case of advice where necessary.

Congratulations on your successful.

Dr. Ahmed Ali,
(HR Director) Chief Recruiter
2nd building Salam Street,
P. O. Box 1861,
Abu Dhabi
TEL: +971 588 634853
Email: hr.astonuae@gmail.com
Official info@astonconstructionco.com
Website: www.astonconstructionco.com


i got the same mail after appling on the company web site why its fake ? plz advice


Thank you so much for this information.. I think I need to get out from this scammer too.



@ xyyz - All copies of emails on this website are scams and sent by internet thieves who are out to steal YOUR money.
The website is new and registered for only one year, this is a RED flag
Registration Date: 2017-08-25
Expiration Date: 2018-08-25
More information here on Employment scams http://antifraudintl.org/threads/why-your-employment-email-is-probably-fake.27675/
I received the same mail .. I want to know how did you know the registration date for the site?

De Master Yoda

@yassine. It is fake. Sorry but there is no job for you.

I checked your CV. Please also b careful of job offers over the internet for oil companies, most of them are also fake. Thank you.