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Dear Sir,

How are you,

I am Dr. Alfie James, from England, UK. I am Married with two daughters. I got your contact details from a business directory here in London and decided to contact you directly for a business proposal with my company.

Our company offer a wide range of core generics with specialties in respiratory, analgesics and anti-infectives against dangerous diseases like Cancer, HIV, Asmer and many more. There are some pharmaceutical raw materials (Ixabepigum granules) our company buys from India for the past 1 year that I have been the Purchase manager. Presently I have been promoted to the post of General Manager(Admin); hence my company will no longer send me to India to buy the materials because of my new position.

Our company has an urgent need for this raw material. My Director has asked me for the contact details of the dealer in India, which I am yet to release. I need a reliable and trustworthy business partner whom I will present to the company as the dealer in India to enable the management to contact him to confirm availability of the materials and issue him an Official Purchase Order to source the materials for my company.

This business is legal and risk free and the profit margin is very good, which would be shared between you and I. Why I don't want the companyto have direct contact of the Dealer is simply because I don't want the company to know the actual price I was buying the product. If you are interested kindly reply me for more details via my personal Email: (dralfiejames@gmail.com)

Best Regards,
Dr. Alfie James