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Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2020
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Attn: Beneficiary

I am DR. ALI USMAN, Chairman Board Of Trustee (BOT) World Bank fact finding & special duties office. The United Nations Compensation Commission payment exercise and Central bank of Nigeria has deposited your payment of (US$10 Million US dollars with United Bank for Africa. This is regarding the draws the Secretary General Antnio Guterres organized on his visit to Africa to help individuals/Internet Scam victims and charity organization which your Name was listed among those who are to benefit from the compensation exercise.

We have done and concluded all the necessary arrangement for your payment worth (US$10 Million US dollars) which have to be pay by following means; 1, Diplomatic Courier Cash Payment System (DCCPS), which means the total sum of us$10 million will be delivering to you through world cash delivery system. 2, Am ATM card will be raised in your favour and then send to you, but you can only make a withdraw of us$5,000 per day from the ATM card once you received it. 3, the total sum of us$10 million which is the total approved sums will be transferring into any of your nominated bank account right there in your country. Note the entire stated payment options must be in line with UN payment laws, which stated that beneficiaries will not pay any fee(s) or charges before receiving their funds.

You are to reconfirm your information as stated bellow to enable us process your payment:
1. Your full Name.
2. Contact Home Address.
3. Your Cell-phone Number.
4. Your Date of Birth.
5. Your International Passport photo page or your Driver's License

I appreciate your good sympathetic and collaboration, Hope to hear from you swiftly.