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Burkina Faso, Airtel BF

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Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2018
From: ATIKOLA AWA <rafasepulveda@ono.com>
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Subject: Hello Dear Friend,

Greetings and how are you doing?
I want to know if you are kind to be my
partner in claiming the fund of $13.6
MillionUSD left by a late client. If you're
interested please Revert for more details.
You can visit the web for more details.

Dr. Atikola Awa,


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Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2018
From: "Dr. Atikola Awa" <s_coulibaly5@aol.com>
Subject: Hello Dear Friend,

Hello Dear Friend,

Greetings and how is work Today?,I want to know if you are kind to be my
partner in receiving the fund of $13.6 Million USD,Left by a late client .
For more than 14 years No signal from the family or any One.
Means they are not informed of the fund and where is deposited,
According to our Banking Act of 1990, if the money is
unclaimed after a period of Ten to Fifteen Years(10-15) years,
Authomatically the bank will put claim over the fund
If you're interested please Reply for more details.
I am ever ready to offer you 40 percent of the total money after the fund
is transfered to your nominated bank account as the new beneficiary,
I will provide all legal documents to put the clailm sucessfull if you agree to work with me,
This transaction is 100 percent risk free,
There is nothing to worry as we need not your present before the transfer,
Thanks and have a nice day,I beleive these fund will help both of us.
Dr. Atikola Awa,
Reply To my address for more details.