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You have been invited by the International Health Society (IHS) in collaboration with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to this years World Conference on Eradicating Infectious Diseases which shall be held this year from 3rd to 11th September 2017 in Brown Conference Center Baltimore Maryland United States. To those who may require a US Entry Visa for the conference, they will be adequately assisted to obtain Visas in their passports by the organizers and sponsors of this conference. Additionally, Air travel Tickets shall also be provided for all interested participants.

Note that registration for this conference is absolutely FREE.

Kindly view our website for further information as we expect your immediate confirmation so we can brief you more about the conference through my personal email: dr.benardparkx@gmail.com

Dr. Bernard Parkinson
Secretary WCEID 2017 Planning Committee
World Congress on Eradicating Infectious Diseases Secretariat
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Email: dr.benardparkx@gmail.com
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