Dr. Chiagorom Uchenna


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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2021

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Dr. Chiagorom Uchenna, the new Director, Foreign Operations Department of Central Bank of Nigeria.

I just assumed office newly and happened to come across your file on my desk. I would want you to ask yourself the reason why you have not yet received your fund after you have paid all the fees that you were supposed to pay because as I was going through your file, I found out that you are not owing any amount. So you should ask yourself why after paying all the fees you have not yet received your fund.

Let me be honest to you, you are aware you are not the rightful beneficiary to this fund. The fund originated from someone who executed a contract here, but your own name was used as the next of kin to this fund. So as a matter of fact, if you are ready to receive this fund, i will want you to forward your full information to me if you are ready to receive the fund.

Moreover. I want to let you understand that if someone has a problem and you do not take out time to find the root cause of your problem you will not be able to get a solution to that problem. So I need you to contact me back with your full information so that I will explain to you why you have not received your fund and what to do to solve this problem.

The total amount of fund that we talk about is USD$26.5M.

Please you should reply to: uchenna.c.cbn09@gmail.com

I look forward to your urgent response

Dr. Chiagorom Uchenna
E-MAIL: uchenna.c.cbn09@gmail.com
TEL.: +234-8054650847