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Subject: Notice For Your Duty!
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2020

world health organization WHO
Society Welfare organization
for social welfare development

Commercial Development Soceity Welfare campagn for Health And Safety program for corona virus awareness and safety protection.

Payment Of Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Us Dollars 4,500,000.00 only, have been approved by the WHO Society Welfare development payable to you

This payment is a donation from the WHO Society Welfare development. Once you receive the funds, your duty is to apply for admission in University or any academy and study Health And Safety Course (HSC). You shall there for be a chief consultant in your community.

you will be contacted for Health and safety advice if there is any corona virus patience in the region for a better Health Care System HSC.

The virus have spread everywhere in the would and it kills very fast. The world Health Organization is doing a research for the cure of the virus but it has not been fully discovered.

Corona virus is spreading so fast because it is air burn disease that can infect any one through breath of the air and by touching objects. Your duty is to take a 3 or 6 days Health and Safety course HSC in any accredited school to get safety knowledge on projection skilld for you to be advicer to the people in your community when doing their daily activities In market places, shopping mall, train stations, and all public places.

Reply immediately you read this mail for bank to remit 4,500,000.00 to you

Yours Faithfully
Dr. H Alka
World Health Organization
doctor of research.