Dr. Ismail Francis



Hello. I've recently paid this guy, but his name is different. Is he really fraud? Are you people 100% sure. I still need to pay him more. Should I avoid paying the rest? The quantity that I've paid, is it lost? Will I ever get it back in the case he is really a cheater?

Sapphire's Strike

Staff member
@RajaKumar5858 This guy is a scammer, do no send any further funds. It is highly unlikely you will get any money back. Please read the whole thread.

Anonymous patroller1245

Hi. Do not send him any additional money. He is a fraudster and he is very talented on looting people from the Indian subcontinent. But I am from somewhere else, so I will try ny best to catch him. Please send us your email and send us some receipts of your payment. He took more tha 20k from my friends.

Chan Lim

I am surprise to see those report against this man. That means I am very lucky to get my degree through him including verification from the university. They gave me student ID and password to verify my degree from the university website. Furtunately I found my name among the MMU registry of graduates. I also contact the university for third party verification and it was confirmed that I was a students. I paid their charges completely and they delivered my degree. Actually as for those people complaining here, you should try to settle your problem with them and stop posting irrelevant things online. If actually you have not settle their bills settle it and they will deliver your degree.