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Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2019
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Dear Friend

How are you today? I hope you are fine and doing great.I am sorry to contact you this way as i needed to get someone outside my company confine and organization which was why i have to search for you using your country yellow page email directory. I want to use these medium to tell you about me. I am Dr Jason Canavan from Rome,Italy.I am presently in Cambodia and will soon be off to the west. I am here in Cambodia as the deputy Medical Director of my company, I have these important opportunity I want to tell you about.My company in Cambodia(A Non-Governmental Organization) is awarding a humanitarian contract to supply a Laboratory and Mosquito's insecticide treated Net to Children in Cambodia and the contract is worth $5,000.000.00.The reason i am contacting you is that the contract is awarded according to quota system and you are lucky enough to emanate from the region the contract is allocated to and please be informed that i am entitled to %4 of your profit,after the said contract is completed,also be informed that you will be given mobilization fee to start up and complete the said contract.if you are interested to supply them to us with no upfront fees needed from you but your competence experience and integrity contact me so i can give you more information.

Dr Jason Canavan