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Hello Dear,
How are you doing today?

My dear,I know that this letter will come to you surprisingly,as we have never met before,or had a previous transaction.Nevertheless,I have contacted you in good faith and with genuine intentions because I believe that your partnership will help me to go through this transaction, which of course will be rewarding for both of us.

My name is Dr.John Saleh, I'm working with UBA Bank,and i have work with the bank for over nine years now as an account officer,so I'm writing this letter in respect of my late client,Mr.Manuel Ali,who was involved in a plane crash with his wife and three children,which They all died in the crash of the Air France Flight 447, which took place on 1 June.2009 and before his death,he left a fixed deposit of $2,500,000.00 with our bank,Since the crash event,none of his extended family or relation has been located for the claim of this money, and there is urgent that I must provide to the bank a beneficiary or next of kin for the claim to the inheritance,as his personal account officer/representative,the bank have asked me to present to them the nearest relative or beneficiary of my late client who will receive this fund.

The bank have also given six months to sign up for this fund,or they will confiscate the fund, and my search for one of my deceased relative's has failed,and I have contacted you at yours Obtain approval to present you to the bank as the true beneficiary of the deceased, my dear,what i want from you is for you to act as a deceased beneficiary, because i have in my position the original deposit certificate and fund prove ownership certificate to successfully carry out this transaction without any problem and please have it in your mind That this proposal is legitimate,legal and 100% risk-free because I will provide you with the original certificates and fund prove ownership certificate which you will present to the bank as the true beneficiary of this fund.So all I need is an open co-operation in a climate of trust,honesty,sincerity,truthful,trustworthy and understanding,to enable us achieve the success of this transaction smoothly without any hitch,and also,I want you to understand that I know exactly what this transaction entails and I will always guide and accompany you until you receive this fund,We will negotiate together share percentage for your partnership with me,upon receipt your response from your interest for this message.and I hope to meet with you after a smooth successful of this transaction.Thanks.Reply through my private e-mails at( dr.johnsaleh@outlook.com, or dr.johnsaleh@gmail.com )

You can see the link of the crash below:


Yours sincerely,
Dr. John Saleh