Dr. Julius Bruno, Global Conference on Environmental Science and Renewable Energy


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Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2015
Subject: We Humble Invite You.
From: "GCESRE Conference" experts@gcesre.co.uk>

Dear Colleague,

We are so pleased to invite you to the Global Conference on Environmental Science and Renewable Energy (GCESRE-2015) which will be held in London on 23rd-27th March, 2015. The Global Conference on Environmental Science and Renewable Energy is the leading forum of World's Science and Engineering Community for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Environmental Science and Renewable Energy. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers, scientists and experts from industries in the domain of interest from around the world.

Proposal Submission: Presenters should submit abstract of 500 words or more and a short bio of 100 words on or before 5th February, 2015.

Registration is free of charge for delegates from developing Countries, grant for flight tickets, travel insurance, visa fees and per diem will be provided for accepted presenters and authors.

Send in your abstract on any related topic for review in order to know more details on free online registration, full papers, power point presentation, accommodation, flight and venue.

Important Dates:
Date For Abstract Submission: 5th February, 2015
Final Paper Submissions: 27th February, 2015
GCESRE-2015 Conference Dates: 23rd-27th March, 2015

We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Dr. Julius Bruno,


Sir Sphinx, what happened to this invitation? Do you have any idea already if this is authentic and not scam? Your response is very much appreciated. Thanks!


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It's a scam. Conferences are planned more than a year in advance and no one asks for papers to be submitted for discussion a month before the conference.


Dear Sphinx! Is it really Scam? Do you have any other reasons to think so? Is it possible to check all the information about this conference? Thank you so much in advance!!


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Okay, how about the fact that the domain gcesre.co.uk was registered on 3 November 2104? Has that website been around a long time? I don't think so. That spells scam.

Ivan Aleshko

Dear Mr. Sphinx,
What is the possibility to get the money I paid for the reservation back?


One interesting thing

The telephone number presented by GCESRE is Ph: +447087641473

The same number is here on "contact us" page http://greatfinanceenterprises.co.uk/

Here they offer some financial services
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