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Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2018
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Subject: Hello Dear

My dear, How are you. You look humble and calm while I am contacting you in respect of an abandon fund in my office which will require a foreign partner to stand as beneficiary of the fund. The money is huge amount of 10.million united state dollars and i have disuse with a lawyer who is willing to make change of ownership certificate in your name and the lawyer will be the one to represent you here.

This business will profit you and I. The lawyer need your full name and home address for the need of the document in your name. Therefore i want you to reply with your full name and address as required. Once i receive the information from you i will submit to lawyer and he will contact you with the document in your name before the bank will contact you.

You must not disclose this transaction to any one until you receive the fund.In this case the percentage ratio will be as 40% to you and 60% to me. You are special and i believe to meet you in your country as soon as the transaction is completed.

Hope to hear from you. Please contact me at (offices17@yahoo.com)