Dr. Mark David, US Army Surgeon


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Dr. Mark David gets around. He's now using Skype and pretending to be a physiatrist who falls in love at first Skype conversation, and claims to be a US Army Surgeon working under the auspices of the UN. His scam letter is thus (I've eliminated some stuff, and have viewed the the page source):

Tue 11:51

I am XXXX XXXXXX ,fiancee to Dr David Mark , I am writing to apply for a military vacation certificate for Dr David Mark, who is presently in Syria for peace keeping mission.I want him to come and visit me here in United States in 2 to 3 weeks. This is very urgent and serious. I promise that he will be safe in return,and am praying that my request to be given consideration so that he can be permitted to visit me. I am ready to pay for any charges/requirement that may cause your office to grant Dr David Mark the vacation certificate.

It came about when he contacted me by Skype. Since I didn't believe anyone could fall in love as quickly as he said he had, I went ahead and let him spool out the reel till this baited hook came out.


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Someone else pointed out that when you have to apply for someone else's military leave you are only dealing with a scammer.


Just received a Skype request from Dr. David Mark I am always the skeptic so didn't respond. Glad I found this post.

Lucy Farmer

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Just received a Skype request from Dr. David Mark I am always the skeptic so didn't respond. Glad I found this post.
I am glad that you did not respond - he has caught me for a lot of money - can be charming and convincing but be more than wary of this guy - there is much said about him on internet sites - he is clever so beware.......

Jean Kimber

Dr David Mark is now targeting people playing Words With Friends. He claims to be an orthopaedic surgeon working for the UN in Damascus.

My first suspicions arose when he didn't spell orthopaedic correctly and also misspelt the word 'patient ' he wrote ' I must see to my patience'. Not too good for a Doctor huh!

I'm always on alert whenever I get someone wanting to chat from the UN, as so far they have all been scams.

Jo Macca

He is still at it. He asked for 1500-2000 US dollars to buy his son in a US boarding school a new computer. He is unable to send the money because he is an emergency doctor with US Army in Syeria. Will return the money when he joins me soon. I didn't send any money

Davina F

He is on Tinder free dating site connected to Facebook. David Mark Adams has 14 year old son he is stating he works as Orthopedic Surgeon in Daraas Syria for United Nations. I have photos and cannot figure out to upload them. Email address: davidmark7102@gmail.com P # 303-560-6640 states FL when you call it's text me app.


I recieved also a message 3 days ago from a certain "Mark David " he said that he found me in Skype random and wants to have friend because he bored in his office. After a long talk, he said that I is widowed. he lost his lovely wife and the child during delivery. He had the first son named " Alex ", 15 years old and currently studying in a boarding school in US. As our conversation continue, he said that he is a surgeon and currently assigned in Syria. I search his file while talking to him in hang out and I found out some pictures he posted there...I don't know how to upload it here. But I will find way so everyone must be aware.


He is on Instagram now as David Mark 7288, pretends as a doctor works in UN base in Syria. A widower aged 60 and has a son who is in the boarding school in Texas, I let him contact me on Hangouts and I keep digging his lies and continue to found out so many lies said that he can not talk to me by voice call only by video call but no voice, as an orthopaedics he can't give me advise on my problem on osteoarthritis. Once I pushed him when he can visit me and he mentioned about the cost of $1,050 and I should send a vacation letter to the UN, and my curiousity raised when I check on google what the UN employee benefits, haha I am fed up with his lies and finally I didn't response to his texts anymore. Beware to all women when he asks to follow you on Instagram!