Dr. Mark David, US Army Surgeon


Carole B.

Someone else pointed out that when you have to apply for someone else's military leave you are only dealing with a scammer.

He scammed me then. He asked if I was the nurse he worked with in Houston. Since I am in health care I wasn't shocked and said no. But he texts me all the time from Skype.


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Hi all. Just joined to add that "Dr David Mark" is also on Facebook and Twitter.

(P.S. Please note that Dr David Mark is or can now be Dr Mark David).

He contacted me through Twitter. I immediately recognised that it was a scam account. I've been away so have only replied sporadically. He changed his photo in that time. When I asked about the new photo, he told me was was "honoring his mentor" or something, by now having someone else's photo on the account.

The "Army medical surgeon with the UN in Syria", says he is originally from Sacramento, Calif but based in Houston, Texas. When he's not on a supposedly 4-year-long peacekeeping mission with the US Army to Aleppo, Syria, that is, of course. He claims to have been there for about "seven months now" at the time I asked him.

A reverse image search of the photo on his Twitter account brings up someone named David Skinn. The exact same photo is on another Twitter account, under the name David Skinn, but I'm even a tad suspicious about THAT account at this point, LOL!
That particular account says he is also a Dr with the US Army and only joined Twitter in May, 2017. Hmm....

Not sure if any of you know anyone in the military who serve in war zones, but it is highly unlikely they have public social media accounts. Especially people like surgeons/Dr's who, gee, I don't know, could be a TAD busy over there???

The same David Skinn photo also comes up on at least two Instagram accounts. The public account has two photos of the same man. The other account says it's private, but also has "surgeon doctor" written on the front. Hmm....

Either way, "Dr David Mark" has, at the bare minimum, stolen the profile photo.DrDavidMarkakaDavidSkinn2017Twitter.jpg

Oh, here is the link to his Twitter account:

Here is the next Twitter account, claiming to belong to "David Skinn" (Note the bio):

And oh look, I've just now come across yet another "David Skinn" (probably aka David Mark). This account was only created in July, 2017.

One of the instagram accounts is under @davidskinn30
I can't remember the private one's address at the moment.

OK, AND there's a Linkedin account with this very same photo; (also saying he's a "Military surgeon doctor at US Army);

Hmm.......Dr Mark David, David Mark or Dr David Skinn? Either way - scammers.

I tried to report the instagram accounts, but, just like Facebook, it appears unless they're impersonating you or someone you know, they really don't give a crap and just tell you to block them, sigh.
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Good luck with Facebook. Whatever their policy they will probably ignore it completely. I speak from experience. I have a sex troll following me around in internet.


"Dr. David Mark" seems to be very active... He is even on (at least) one russian site! Right now he is in Kabul, Afghanistan... I'm waiting for his money request... Regards from Germany.


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Hello from Germany!

Dr. David Mark contacted me 0n 12th October through Tinder. He says he is general surgeon working with UN in Yemen. Also that he is american living in Dortmund, Germany. In my case, he told is divorced since 5 years and has a son 20 years old and no living relatives.

The photos are different or new. Looking for the name, I found your forum. Thanks a lot. I will report about him to Tinder.

Heather B

I ran into the same guy last night. He started the same info.. but he said he was 48. He hasn't asked for any money yet. But says he returns to the states Feb 28th. Where he's located and info on his son is the same. He states that he lost his parents when he was 7yrs old. He messaged me at ungodly timbre 2am..4am... I'm currently hearing from him.

So, does he actually come out and ask for money?

He found me on Facebook. He said he was looking for a dear friend when he ran into my profile and was attracted to me. Lol I didn't friend him. I don't did that to strangers.

Any advise ladies????

He is on Instagram now as David Mark 7288, pretends as a doctor works in UN base in Syria. A widower aged 60 and has a son who is in the boarding school in Texas, I let him contact me on Hangouts and I keep digging his lies and continue to found out so many lies said that he can not talk to me by voice call only by video call but no voice, as an orthopaedics he can't give me advise on my problem on osteoarthritis. Once I pushed him when he can visit me and he mentioned about the cost of $1,050 and I should send a vacation letter to the UN, and my curiousity raised when I check on google what the UN employee benefits, haha I am fed up with his lies and finally I didn't response to his texts anymore. Beware to all women when he asks to follow you on Instagram!

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The best advice we can give to you Heather B is to ignore him. He isn't genuine and only wants your money. If you ignore him or block him, he can't ask you.

Your photo didn't upload to the site, maybe send it in another format please.


He didn't ask for money. But i confronted him.. and he said he was insulted. But how could others have the exact same story. It's nuts.

June lujano

I was on Instagram and received a friend request from Dr. David Mark. Email address: drdavidmark1320@gmail.com
He stated he's from Houston Tx, but raised in the UK. He lost his wife 6 years ago while she was trying to give birth (how do you TRY to give birth? First red flag for me). To his 2nd child. He lives in Syria and is with the United Nations. He has another son named Kelvin who is his only family now. He stated his contract with the UN is for 10 years and he has served 5 years already. This email is Nov 1, 2017 @ 2:43pm. He stated he has a very strong accent (I could not detect one at all at that point).
His 2nd email was at 8:02pm. In this one he wanted to know about me. Then stated he wanted a very serious relationship. (Is this guy for real? On the second Email? Give me a break! This was 2nd major red flag). It was at this point I began to do my research on him. He had a Facebook page under Dr. David Mark with his photo. Instagram had that same photo, also under Dr. David Mark. However as of today, he has changed his photo in each and listed his name as David Mark only. I looked him up on Truth Finder and Intelis. Nothing on Intelis, but Truth Finder had him. He is heavy set, round face with double chin. Dark hair, wears rim glasses. Only has one post on Facebook. On Instagram he does not show his face. He shows a deliveryroom with surgeons in gowns and full surgical dress. You can't really see anybody's face.
I have saved the emails and his photo is clear as can be on each social media. If I can help any further, let me know. Oh by the way, he has stopped communicating.


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There's a good 50 scammers using the name on Fb,a dozen or so using the same pic as June described.Some are definitely connected,others seem to be different individuals,both male and female,all Nigerian.A common profile name and very active at the moment it seems.


I thought I had pictures but when we were arguing he said none of the pictures was him and he uses women a lot. I sent him pictures that I should not have done now because I cannot get him $1500 he is going to black mail me. He is great at writing text messages but is the biggest liar I have every known. DO NOT get mixed up with him. He not only probably ruins life he breaks hearts.

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@Pumpkin welcome to AFI. I am sorry to hear that this scammer is trying to black mail you. Please do not send him any money as it will only encourage him to demand more.
It is an unsettling position to be in but the scammers main aim is to scam money from people if you stop all contact with him you take a lot of his power away from him.

If you wish to pass more information along to us in confidence you can register and send a private message to us by using the "conversations" system. Due to the nature of his threats if you feel more comfortable communicating with a female you can contact any of our lady mods or admins they are all very experienced and are nice people. Thank you for your courage in posting and warning other people about this low life.

There are probably officials who could advise or assist where you work, however this may not be suitable for you. You can if you wish use the contact below as blackmail is a crime.
They may be able to assist or point you in the right direction.

Please contact us back if we can help further.