Dr. Mark David, US Army Surgeon


M whyley

He is using the name mark Wallace on instagram. Then adds you to hangouts. I wouldn't write the letter so got bitter towards me


I asked what his real name was and he laughed and said he is not so stupid then to use his real name. so none of the names he uses is his real name and the pictures are not of him. He has covered himself well so he does not get caught. Has been doing this for a long time. Be careful he also hacked into my phone and email and got information from there.

Yolanda Pagán Santos

Todas tus conversaciones, con quien sea, donde sea y cuando sea

David Mark te invitó a una conversación.

This another phote of David Mark. He contact me by Facebook and gmail Handout.

David Mark contact me by the name of Cebedo Donald Jr. Crastro and now said his name is David Mark from United Kingdow. He is single father, doctor, has a daughter and his late wife name is Gloria Tesoro.

L Piper

I am a reporter working for STV News in Scotland. I recently started playing the Words with Friends game on Facebook and shortly later received a friend request from someone calling himself David Mark, identifying himself as a Military Surgeon doctor for the United Nations at U.S. Army.

After running checks, I can confirm this is not the case, it is a fake scam account, and I have reported the profile page to Facebook.

I'm sharing this here in the meantime in the hope it helps, as I have no doubt once this account is cancelled it will pop up again somewhere else.

Please be safe online guys! I have included an image of the profile picture being used.

De Master Yoda

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@Hotpepper welcome to AFI. There are photos and links on posts numbers 21, 24,28,38 and 46.

Please be Aware that these are not photos of the scammer but ones he has stolen from the internet to use in his scams. Thank you.

alexandra liapi

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Hello I'm from Greece I have the same problem he send me messages and the story he is a doctor at Syria. But be carful they many people at Instagram they ask money, alex wills0001 and someone else timmy trumpet he told me he want to send him1500€ and of course I didn't send anything

dawnie 1666

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i found mark david on Instagram or he found me. that not the same mark david. he says he been widow for 12years has two children that are in boarding school. he from iriving tx. he instream account is private now. he says he a in doctor leaving inmay for the states to go back to tx. he wanted to send me a pre paid visa card so i can pay his children tuition he got a lady in the phillpines helping him. ash angel 3520 she on instrgram . he says he will be leaving in may he never asked for money just i tunes cards . he asked to marry me he says without i tunes cards he can not go on line. he account was not private until me. his children look like this women