Dr. Mark David, US Army Surgeon



Please encourage your members to report scams to the FBI. I was a victim of this scam in 2016 for months David Mark romanced me and I lost a significant amount of money. I thought I had done research but because of fake profiles on Facebook, linked in etc.and as they work in gangs...I reported the crime. 2 of the individuals were arrested, plead guilty and were sentenced to two years and three years eight months in June 2018. While all individuals involved were likely not arrested due to international borders in the US they can be prosecuted. Shame on the officials in Nigeria and Ghana for allowing these scams to occur in their borders and not arresting these criminals.

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@Tiff welcome to AFI. I am sorry to hear that you lost money to these low life thieves.

Folks by all means report any scam to your local authorities, Take along hard copies if you can and any other evidence with your report.


I think I have just come across him on the dating site plenty of fish.
Orthopedic surgeon for united nations in Damascus. Wanted serious relationship thought we would get on well. Then asked if I had Google hangout or Kik messenger and when I said I wanted to stay messaging on the site he said I had to trust him.
Photo he is using is man with beard in an operating theatre. I blocked him and reported him to POF

Adriana Ioana

I have in my account in Instagram an new friends davis_mark0, he tell me is a general ,Doctor Orthopedic Surgeon and he is in Afghanistan.He has a son 10years old.


Wwooo cuantas historias de este estafafor y sigue haciendo de las suyas, el famoso Dr. David Mark, pobre dr.que esten usando su nombre para está clase de maldad.


Hi all. Just joined to add that "Dr David Mark" is also on Facebook and Twitter.

(P.S. Please note that Dr David Mark is or can now be Dr Mark David).

He contacted me through Twitter. I immediately recognised that it was a scam account. I've been away so have only replied sporadically. He changed his photo in that time. When I asked about the new photo, he told me was was "honoring his mentor" or something, by now having someone else's photo on the account.

The "Army medical surgeon with the UN in Syria", says he is originally from Sacramento, Calif but based in Houston, Texas. When he's not on a supposedly 4-year-long peacekeeping mission with the US Army to Aleppo, Syria, that is, of course. He claims to have been there for about "seven months now" at the time I asked him.

A reverse image search of the photo on his Twitter account brings up someone named David Skinn. The exact same photo is on another Twitter account, under the name David Skinn, but I'm even a tad suspicious about THAT account at this point, LOL!
That particular account says he is also a Dr with the US Army and only joined Twitter in May, 2017. Hmm....

Not sure if any of you know anyone in the military who serve in war zones, but it is highly unlikely they have public social media accounts. Especially people like surgeons/Dr's who, gee, I don't know, could be a TAD busy over there???

The same David Skinn photo also comes up on at least two Instagram accounts. The public account has two photos of the same man. The other account says it's private, but also has "surgeon doctor" written on the front. Hmm....

Either way, "Dr David Mark" has, at the bare minimum, stolen the profile photo.View attachment 9827

Oh, here is the link to his Twitter account:

Here is the next Twitter account, claiming to belong to "David Skinn" (Note the bio):

And oh look, I've just now come across yet another "David Skinn" (probably aka David Mark). This account was only created in July, 2017.

One of the instagram accounts is under @davidskinn30
I can't remember the private one's address at the moment.

OK, AND there's a Linkedin account with this very same photo; (also saying he's a "Military surgeon doctor at US Army);

Hmm.......Dr Mark David, David Mark or Dr David Skinn? Either way - scammers.

I tried to report the instagram accounts, but, just like Facebook, it appears unless they're impersonating you or someone you know, they really don't give a crap and just tell you to block them, sigh.
He is still doing this on twitter and Fb. Twitter accounts opened in 2018 under David Skinn1 and David Skinn2 and Mark David.


These people in Nigeria are doing this and they can get into any of your accounts online if you email or use Hangouts with this man pictured David skinn1 and David Skinn2 on twitter. The past couple of days he ( they) were trying to get all my information. They are stolen pictures and do not send pics or money. This has been going on for years I found by doing some homework. I had to cancel all credit cards and bank cards just for extra measure once they broke in my Fb account.

Takeyia Patrick

Hello everyone, My name is Takeyia Patrick and I just met a guy named Mark David, and yes he said that he has a son named Alex and the son is thirteen years of age. Yes he also said that he is working in Syria. Also that he is a widower lost his wife and child last year. He also said that the mission will be done in December. Yes he does have an Instagram account @dvm83601 the picture of him is there. Now I was scrolling down and looking at some of the comments. Got me feeling some type of way. I don't want to be CATFISH! If someone who's encounter with him in the past, is listening please hit me up. He also do have an hangout account as welll. Please reach out! Thank you!

Mark David told me that he is an Oncologist Doctor..Hmmm

Linley heart

#4ykz He is going by Dave Garry now same story and he is also using Torsten Burger is a pilot flying dangerous mission and Syria and he has a son that is 16 years old named Kevin his wife and youngest son died and I car accident I have been talking to both of them at the same time And their stories are identical except one as a pilot and Dave Garry is a orthopedic surgeon and Syria I called Dave Gary out first for being a scammer he got very angry with me. He asked for money and then asked me to send him a cell phone And he wanted my information on my carrier to my cell phone of course I refused these guys are a work of art