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This is to let you know that your email message is well received together with your address where the ATM will be deliver to, Meanwhile like you have being told by Rev. Samuel Ibe about your ATM VISA Card containing US$3.5 Million United States dollars with us right now in republic of Benin West Africa, but due to the meeting that has carried out with some executive management officials of this office we arrived to better conclusion that your ATM Card will be ship to you through the means of Courier services because that will be the only fastest and easiest way to get you the package, meanwhile we have went to many Courier Company and made inquiries, otherwise their delivery cost and we have be able to gather some information about their delivery procedures, and they are listed as below, therefore you are required to choose one among the listed four options and you will send money on any one that you chose for adequate Services.

Notice: You are advised that a maximum withdrawal value of $5,000.00 usd is permitted for withdrawal per day and we are duly inter-switched and you can make withdrawal in any location of the ATM Center of your choice/nearest to you. Arrangement with those accredited courier Service Company to be fully insured by Nicon Insurance Corporation to oversee the delivery of the ATM Card to you without any further delay. like i stated to you before that the Man of God whom deposited your funds under my Custody here has paid for the processing and the other documents fee, so the only thing that left for you to do now is to make your choice out of four Courier Companies below and send them their shipping charge to enable us register your Card with them for adequate delivery to your given address.

ATM DATA'S: It is our pleasure to inform you that your ATM serial number is; 4539-7978-0214-3027 it has been approved and upgraded in your favor last week Wednesday. Your secret #PIN number is 6742, Once again the ATM Card value is $3.5 m ( Three Million, five hundred thousand state of America dollars only ), Moreover you have to choose one out of Couriers options listed below and send their shipping charge of any one you choose, am given you an assurance that immediately you make a payment of any of those option I will precede to their office first thing tomorrow morning and register your Card for urgent delivery to your nomination home address without wasting time.

1. FedEx Courier services 4days delivered to your doorstep ($120.00)
2. DHL Courier services 3days delivered to your doorstep ($184.00)
3. Ups Courier services. 2days delivery to your doorstep ($240.00)
4. Saga express services 1day delivery to your doorstep ($475.00)

Furthermore, you can send the money through Western Union Transfer Office or Money Gram with the name of my secretary stated below.

Receivers Name:......................... .... JOHN MOME
Country: ............................. Benin Republic
Location City.................Cotonou
Postal Code.......................... ....00229
Text Question:..................... ..Honest
Text Answer:...................... Trust

Due call with my office phone number (+229) +229 94940986 or you can quickly send me an email with the payment details as soon as you pick up your choice among the courier Companies and send their fee today ok. THANKS AND REMAIN BLESS IN CHRIST JESUS

Dr. Mark Williams
Director ATM Payment Department
(HSBC Affiliate Bank Plc, Benin Republic)
Call (+229) +229 94940986
E-mail: (atmcard6@outlook.com)

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Receivers Name:......................... .... JOHN MOME
Country: ............................. Benin Republic
Location City.................Cotonou
Postal Code.......................... ....00229
Text Question:..................... ..Honest
Text Answer:...................... Trust

Due call with my office phone number (+229) +229 65566447
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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2018



This will sound as a good news to you, that the management board of CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (CBN) this day 28th August, 2018 approved your unpaid contract/inheritance part payment of US$5Million.

We have received Presidential order approval from the office president Federal Republic of Nigeria, to make sure that both Local and International contractors received their approved part payment of US$5,000,000.00 in the NEXT THREE BANK WORKING DAYS (3)

As your name remains in our computing system. You are advised to respond to this notification mail without any delay. The new Government regime has taken it as their burden on her shoulder to ensure that all beneficiary receive their installment part payment as approved this last quarter of fiscal years 2017. Be informed that we have official due process and payment procedures that are stipulated on our banking protocol of operations and we abide by it accordingly to discharge our duty effectively to you to receive the approval part payment of the US$5,000,000.00 without any hitch.

In your best interest and for security reasons, you are hereby advised to keep every information regarding this part payment personal/confidential until we have successfully completed the payment. Without wasting much of time, it is my pleasure to notify you on the payment schedule as the Federal Government has included Three (3) options in disbursing your part payment. It is then left for you to choose the best option that suite you accordingly.

The options are as follows:-

(1). Through Diplomatic Cash Payment delivery, this way your fund will be officially packaged and sealed in a consignment and delivered to your door-step by a Diplomatic Agent, but note that you will be responsible for the Diplomatic Custom Clearance in your country's airport for onward delivery to your doorstep, which the custom clearance cost is US$3,800.00 (Three Thousand Eight Hundred United States Dollars Only)

(2). Through Telegraphic Swift Wire Transfer, this way your fund will be wired directly into your nominated Bank account, but note that you will be responsible for the Cost of Transferring (COT) for the Swift Wire Transfer of the funds into your Bank account as nominated, which the cost of transfer (COT) is US$480.00 ( Four Hundred and Eighty United States Dollars Only)

(3). Through a Certified ATM CARD, which will be delivered to your doorstep by approved Nigeria postal Agency courier service. This way your Certified ATM CARD will be delivered to your doorstep as designated, but note that you will be responsible for the courier delivery charges with insurance coverage cost of US$285.00

Finally, you are advised to choose from the above listed options that suites you the best, that you wish to receive your funds and upon receipt of your response, we will take the necessary procedural steps accordingly.

Awaiting to hear from you as a matter of urgency.

Your sincerely
Mark Williams
Foreign Debt Operation Department