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Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2018
Subject: Please contact our delivery agent for your package... r.richard09@aol.com

Thanks for your response.

As I explained before the Federal Government of Nigeriahas finally released your inheritance / contract payment of

US$3.6 millions

which was brought to our Company the DHL Courier and were packaged out for delivery immediately as ordered by Federal Government and US Ambassador here in Nigeria who acts as your foreign representative before our delivery agent Tony Richard take off with your package shipment. If you read my previous email, I stated that our diplomatic agent is already in United States with your consignment box and currently at T. F. Green International Airport Rhode Island. USA, and waiting for the reconfirmation of your current full info wish I did advised you forward to him. Understand that your consignment box delivery needs urgent attention because our diplomatic agent will soon return home. Therefore,the earlier you contact him for your package the better

Contact info・
DHL Courier Agent
Name: Tony Richard
Direct Tel contact (401) 830-2004 (text / call him)
Contact him directly :

Best regards.
Dr. Martino Bonny