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Return-Path: <webep23@ghfyt.in>
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2020
From: Gold Fields Bullion <webep23@ghfyt.in>
Reply-To: msmith@goldfieldsbullion.org
Subject: Good Morning

Dear Selected Beneficiary,

Gold field bullion organization has selected you through your email address for Gold Field Bullion 2020 interchange ballot promotion.

This award is a promotional email ballot draw program to encourage and support active email address that is linked to Gold fields Bullion trading data base and online Gold fields association online marketing.

Your email address was selected in our online random selection of Gold Field Bullion organization “giving back to the community award”in the 1st section of the ballot database of Gold Fields Bullion organization.

You and your community have been award to receive a total sum of US$870,000(Eight Hundred & Seventy Thousand United States Dollars), which is credited to a ballot file. A total fundofUS$5million Shared amongst the five emails ballot selection with (3) lucky emails qualified and selected.

The board members of the Gold Fields Bullion organization, with the international partner of GFB, agreed to enrich lives through this award, giving-back to the community.

If you receive this email and honestly have a community to giveback and enrich them using our award, please indicate to us the name of the charity home or organization you will be able to reach with this award. If we cannot verify your selected charity or nursing home organization, your prize will be debility, and your selection will be removed from the GFB database system. You will take 60% of the total amount and 40% to the charity organization you have chosen. This will happen as soon as your award money is release to your desire bank account in your country.

Send your details as specified below to our promotional manager, and she will provide you with further information for your award release.

Your claim reference number is GFB-468236ZA.
(1)Full Name (2
)(2) Email Address
(4)Country of Origin
(5)Tel/Mobile Number
(6)Age / Sex

Gold Fields Bullion Project Manager
Name: Ms. Megan Smith
Tel: +27 78 409 7510
Email: msmith@goldfieldsbullion.org

Yours Faithfully,
Dr. Molly P. Zhang
Director GFB International

Note: this email letter was sent to you by the Gold Fields Bullion Organization award & promotional committee© Copyright 2020,

Gold Fields Bullions Promotional Awards. All rights reserved


just got the same email, I guess the Nigerian prince has given away all his millions.


I have received a very similar email ,after contacting the company at their website ,to notify them of this scam they have emailed me back saying it legitimate, info@goldfieldsbullion.org.


A criminal would tell you that, just like a liar tells you he is always telling you the truth. Don't deal with them because it's still a scam.
are you saying the organisation is fake the website is fake , if so why is it still up and running , why has nothing been done to expose them for what they are ?


Staff member
Yes, it's fake, and it is sometimes difficult to take them down. What's done to expose them is most likely to be here although they may show up on a few other websites.


Ok well there seems to be quite a lot of info on their supposed chief executive director Ben Van beurden including Facebook . It appears he's the CEO of Royal Dutch shell, I wonder how he feels about having his name and photo used on a fraudulent website .


I have received a very similar email ,after contacting the company at their website ,to notify them of this scam they have emailed me back saying it legitimate, info@goldfieldsbullion.org.
Did you ever receive anything?

They want me to pay 600$ to there law firm lol


I got the email too. Thank you all for confirming my suspicions that it was fake. I'm glad I didn't download the attached letter, it was probably a virus or something just as sinister. I will pray for the senders to understand how they are hurting people and have the compassion for them that they would want shown to them in the same situation reversed. Sending them Loving Energy will be much better than reacting with negative energies like anger and resentment that will only harm our own mental and physical health and have no impact on them. "Where there is Light, there can be no darkness."