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From: "Mrs. Loi Estrada" <loiestrda1935@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2019
Subject: Can I Trust You With This Funds?? To: undisclosed-recipients:;


Dear: Sir,

I am Mrs. Loi Ejercito Estrada wife of Joseph Earp Estrada Like I earlier stated in my message to you today, I am here Looking for a good Business Minded Person that I can confide in to assist me Claim my Funds (US$10.6 Million United States Dollars ) Which I Deposited with a Reputable Firm in Euro have it claim and Invest it into Real Estate Business or any Reputable business that can yield us a good dividend in the near Future.

My Reason for seeking Your assistant Here was Because of my Political Problem Here in Philippine and Beside I have been Restricted From so many Thing Here so I am Pleading with You to assist me Claim my Funds with the Documents that I will sent to You include my International Passport For Your Perusal.

Noted: This Funds was Part of Funds that I Realize From some Contract that my Husband Awarded to me when he was still in Office and I Decided to Move The Funds out of my Country for a Better Place For save Keeping and Investment in The Future, So I appeal with You to assist me in This Regards so that The Funds will be Claim and well Invested for a good Dividend in Your Country.Reply to luisaestrda_8888@hotmail.com Will be here waiting For Your Urgent Reply For Further Details in

Dr, (Mrs) Loi Ejercito Estrada