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Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2018
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This might come to you as a surprise but what I'm about telling you is nothing but the reality about your fund which has been held for so long with the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Do you know that all the money you have been sending to the officials for one certificate clearance or the other is being used against you? well this might sound strange but am taking this bold step because of my religious belief as a Christian. The truth is there a lots of forces working against you right from the last central bank Governor and the current Governor with other top officials of all the commercial banks in Nigeria,they have been frustrating you by delaying your payment. There is a way I can assist you get your fund without further delay and avoid unnecessary expenses,it is risky though but one has to take it, I have directed many people through this way,and they receive their long awaited outstanding payment.

What you have to do is to open a bank account any where you can within your country, it will be nice but you have to bear in mind that you will re-transfer the fund to another account immediately you confirmed the transfer of the fund from me into your account. I know why I want it this way. If you want me to go ahead, let me know as soon as you get this mail,if the transfer is made into your account this week, it might be next three months that they will find out and by then, you have re-transferred the fund into another account.
Get back to me as soon as you get this mail so that I will be in a better position to know what to do. Waiting for your immediate reply to this address( dr.veronicaamadi001@gmail.com ) .

Dr. Mrs. Veronica Amadi [JP]