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Rose Scott

Hello viewers, My name is Rose Scott, i am from USA, I am very happy to share this amazing testimony, i was hurt and heart broken when my husband left me with our two children, i was confused and didn't know what to do, i loved him so much, i tried all i could to bring him back but to no avail, on one faithfull day as i was comming from work i met a friend of mine whom i explain my problem to, and she told me of a spell caster called "Dr oduwa" whom also make her pregnant when she was looking for a child, i contacted the spell caster through the email she gave to me, and the spell caster told me what to do and i did exactly as i was told, to my gratest supprise, my husband who has not called me for a very long time, called me and start appologizing for all the wrongs he did to me, and now he loved me more than ever before, brothers and sisters if you are passing through any kind problem contact him and i give you 100% guarantee that he will solve your problems. this is his contacts droduwasolutioncentre@gmail.com 08077036738

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Welcome Rose Scott you'll be very sorry you ever came here & so will the fake & thief Dr. Oduwa. :ROFLMAO:

PS. Using a Proxy to hide where you post from doesn't help either.

Another mobile number for the FAKE & THIEVING SCAMMER +2349031655970 which is in NIGERIA!

Rose Scott now becomes Osariemen Ogie


Would Dr. Oduwa also be Pristbacasim? Email him at:
Pristbacasim2000@gmail.com or call him on +2349031655970
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worse than GREEDY lying, fake scammers.
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I want to know why any American would believe this stuff.

Oh wait...Don....well you can fool some of the people some of them time.